Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Surprise in the Mail

Today continued my rampage of eating.  I always do really good until I reach lunch time.  Breakfast consisted of oatmeal and milk, and lunch was my usual sandwich wrap.  Last night for Family Home Evening, our topic was "I am a child of God" and we made sugar cookie people which were children of God.  Not good for my poor resistance right now.  I think I ate 4 of them last night and another 4 this afternoon.  I thought that getting out of the house might help so we went to a meet up at Focus on the Family which I was really glad to go to since I have been cooped up in the house since I hurt my foot.

Unfortunately it didn't curb my bad habits I have dug myself into these past few weeks and when we got home Lily and I watched Wall-e and made popcorn.  (we have gone through almost a whole box of butter this past week making popcorn, cookies, and frosting).  However, today I received my inspiration and ability to pull myself out of my rut via a package in the mail!   I was not expecting it to arrive until tomorrow so I was very excited when it came today.

It's my heart rate monitor!  Yipee!  I have been wanting one for a while now and I am super excited that I finally have one :-)  Now I can track my workouts and see how many calories I am burning, and where my heart rate is during my workout, if it is in the cardiovascular zone or the fat burning zone.  It stores up to 99 files so I can look back over my workouts!  I entered in all my data, it asks for your height, weight, age, and gender and then of course it uses the heart rate strap to monitor your heart rate and it calculates how many calories you burned during your workout!  So of course I had to try it out.  I was planning on just letting my foot rest some more this week but I was so excited that my watch came in that after Chloe went to bed I pulled out my I-pad and started up my Zumba game!  I picked a bunch of medium intensity songs and then modified a couple of the moves so that my foot didn't get hurt.  I did not work out as intense as usual because I wanted to be very careful about where I was placing my foot and making sure I didn't tweak it at all.  The last thing I need is for it to get injured again.

Interestingly enough the longer I exercised, the better my foot felt.  I think stretching out the ligaments and muscles helped to loosen it up so it didn't hurt as much.  Here are the results of my workout.
So I exercised for 54 minutes and 54 seconds and burned 427 calories.  I like how it has the timer on it.  I actually selected fewer songs than usual and it is good to know how long I was actually exercising for.  I also noticed that my heart rate was going way down in between songs since you have to wait for the pre song demo to finish and you have to wait for the next song to load.  Here are the rest of the stats:

These show my average and max heart rates and the amount of time I spent in the fat burning zone and the fitness zone.  It was pretty much equal, which I thought was good since I did not exercise as hard as I usually would have.

I am super excited for my watch and this is just the boost I need to get re-focused before I start Chalean Extreme in a few days.  I will post about Chalean Extreme tomorrow as it should be arriving in the mail tomorrow! 

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