Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another good day

Today I was soooo tempted to weigh myself.  I have been doing good all week, and when I do well, I get very tempted to micromanage my weight on the scale.  You will be happy to know that I resisted the temptation to weigh myself.  I am glad I did because I know that if the scale didn't reflect how good I was feeling, which in all honesty it probably doesn't since I am still focusing on weight training and last week wasn't that great, I would have been very upset and discouraged and I might have gone off the deep end again.  I know I let these things bother me more than I should, hence the no scale challenge.  Because I didn't weigh myself, I just went off of how I felt, and I felt great today!  I had lots of energy for the whole day and I did the Burn Intervals and Ab burner workouts on Chalean Extreme this morning the best I have ever done them!  I can almost do all the triceps reps which has been very challenging to me.  Also, the second set of bicep curls in the middle of the video is very challenging and I can't do all of those reps yet (even with only 4 pound weights).  Also the Burpees are incredibly difficult and I only manage to get 15 out of the 20 done.  I have to rest in between a few sets so my total probably comes out to 15.  But I did the kickboxing units with more intensity than I usually do (preparing for Turbo Fire!) and I even made it through the whole Ab Burner video.  I tried to to the Extreme abs video but it was too hard for me.  The ab burner is challenging enough and it has advanced options which I still can't do yet so I am going to stick with that. 

I am happy with the way I ate, about 1500 calories today and I even enjoyed a Fiber One brownie and a Weight Watchers chocolate creme cake.  I really didn't like the chocolate creme cake so I will probably be stuffing the rest of them into Matt's lunchbox for when he goes off to work and school.  I don't think they are worth the calories, but Matt doesn't have to be so picky. 

Lily had her 3 yr check up today at the doctor and I have been preparing her for it all week.  It helped that Chloe had her check up two days ago so Lily was in the mindset of going to the doctor.  This is the first appointment that she hasn't screamed all the way through!  I was so proud of her.  She even stepped on the scale and let them take her height.  She got a little squirmy when the Doc was looking in her ears but other than that she was perfect! 

When we got home from Costco (we went after the doc appointment) I played with the girls outside to get some of their energy out, and then Lily and I played inside while Chloe took a nap.  It was a very active day and here it is at 8pm and these are my stats in my fitbit tracker
Huzzah!  over 11K steps!  Not too shabby.  I didn't go up and down the stairs quite as many times today, which suits me fine.  I didn't have to work in the basement today so I didn't have all the extra trips from the basement to the main floor. 

All in all I am feeling really great right now.  Getting off the sugar has really helped me get my energy back, and this time I am NOT going to load up on the stuff again and put myself into another sugar coma.  This time, I am keeping my energy.  Who would have thought that it would make such a big difference.

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