Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I got a Fitbit!

So I have finally joined the fitbit group.  I have been wanting one for a while to help track my movement and just to make sure that I am being active enough during the day.  I have a feeling that I am doing pretty good in the morning, but when the afternoon comes I slack of majorly!  So I wanted something to help me gauge how I am doing and to motivate me to move more during the day.  I am fully aware that the fitbit mostly tracks movement, meaning that when I do weight training it doesn't account for the energy I put into lifting weights.  My goal is to get at least my 10,000 steps in every day.

This morning I did Lean circuit 2, which is a crazy hard weight lifting circuit.  I am impressed that I am even able to do it, and that is a testament to how hard I have been working over the past few months because I know I would not be able to have done many of the exercises two and a half months ago.  What makes the lean circuits so hard is that you are doing total body moves and you focus on only a few upper body muscles for the whole circuit.  So for Lean 1 you work your biceps and triceps for all 9 exercises, and in Lean 2 you are working your shoulders and deltoids, and in Lean 3 focuses mostly on the chest (you do a ton of pushups in the lean 3 circuit). 

After weight lifting and getting showered and cleaned up we ate some lunch and I took the kids on a walk right before the snow started coming down.  Both the kids were getting fussy and I figured we needed to get out of the house for a bit.  I could tell that Lily was super tired while on the walk because she kept getting in and out of the stroller.  We got home right as the snow started coming down.  I was super excited when I got Lily to take a nap really easily.  She slept for two hours before I woke her up!  It was nice to have a little time Lily free.

Coming up on the end of the day and my stats in My Fitbit look like this:
Only 800 more steps to reach my goal and it is only 7:00!  Granted this is the time of the day when I am the least active but I still think that I can get the last few steps in.  You can see I went up and down my stairs 35 times today.  Now you know why I was dying when I was 211.  I remember being so miserable and upset when I had to go upstairs to grab socks for Lily, or if I needed a jacket.  I would do just about anything to not have to go up the stairs.  Now I try to go up several times just so I can get in the activity.  I can even run up the stairs now :-)

Today was a good day all around, for eating, exercise, and just in general.  I am going to try to get more days to be like today.  I really think cutting out all the sugar has helped a lot!  I am finally out of my sugar coma and today I didn't crash too bad in the afternoon.  I just got a little sleepy around 3-4 but nothing too bad. 

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