Thursday, April 24, 2014

Catching up

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week.  Lily has been having increasingly difficult times falling asleep at night and I haven't been sleeping well which results in me being tired and frustrated in the evening when I usually write.  Easter was great, however we now have more candy in the house than we did for Halloween and Christmas combined!  Lily did three Easter egg hunts: one at each grandparents house and one at our house.  Chloe did well for her first egg hunt, she had a good time picking up eggs and shaking them. The whole putting them in the basket concept was lost on her however as she would just drop whatever eggs she was holding to pick up a new one that she found.  Lily had a blast dying eggs and I picked up a few kits the day after Easter so we could do it again a few times as a craft.  Besides, I like having boiled eggs around, they make for an easy snack and they go good in sandwiches and in salads.

Here is a pic of Lily dying eggs.  She's wearing one of my old shirts that she wears for paining.  It's way big so it's falling off, but better than nothing.

Anyway, I feel like I have been doing well, only one and a half more weeks until clx is over and I get to return to my beloved cardio for a while.  I can't say exactly how well I am doing since I am not weighing myself, but I think I have done better this month with eating than with the other months.  No week long splurges as of yet.  I can't wait to weigh myself, but I am also nervous.  What if I haven't lost any weight still? Ah well, at least I got stronger.

I have been very hungry the past several days, possibly due to lack of sleep, all my hormones must be out of wack.  Tonight I made some popcorn but I did not smother it in butter!  I also stayed out of the Easter candy which I was so tempted to dig into.   But I am being very serious about my no sweets on days other than holidays and special occasions rule.  I want to make that into something I just do and that is the way I live.  It is hard right now, but I think over time it will get easier.  The next event isn't until Mother's Day.  And that is several weeks away, good time for me to practice some self control.

I didn't eat a whole lot of popcorn, less than I normally would if I were splurging but I still feel really sick.  That means I have been eating healthy and my body doesn't like so much oily popcorn anymore (I popped it in oil instead of the air popper per Lilys request).   I need to remember this for next time, I hope this doesn't affect my sleep tonight, speaking of which I have some sleep I need to catch up on and I pray I can fall asleep tonight and sleep well.  This whole insomnia thing is not working for me and it is so weird because I have never had a problem sleeping before.  Usually my problem is sleeping too much so seeing it from the other side is an unpleasant eye opener (excuse the pun, it just came out that way).


  1. I just wanted you to know how proud of you I am! We got so much candy for Easter too! I am cheering you on and think you are doing amazing! I'd love to do a portrait session of you when you make your goal :) You look great. Love you cuz!

  2. Thanks Jessica! I think you are the only one who actually reads my blog ;-) I've been thinking of getting pictures taken when I hit goal. Mom and Dad are getting family pictures done in July and so I am working hard to reach my goal by then, but I am not sure I am going to make it with the set back from hurting my foot and now with all the weight training. I am not sure where I am right now on my weight from not weighing in, but last time I checked, it didn't look too promising. Anyway, thanks for the cheer!