Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Setting New Goals

My weigh in on Sunday affected me more than I thought it did.  I've been totally off for the past three days, consuming mostly that chocolate cake I made Matt for his birthday on Sunday.  But I've been making popcorn and smothering it in butter and just not eating well.  Interesting how easy it is to slip back into bad habits.  I have also been so exhausted the past few days and I am wondering if it is because I have not been eating healthy and I've eaten way too much sugar.

After searching the internet for stories people have written about doing Chalean Extreme, I have decided that I can't get upset over my apparent lack of weight loss.  Most people report that their weight didn't change much but they did lose a lot of inches.  I took a sneak peak at a few of my measurements and it looks like I've lost another half an inch off my waist and a half an inch of my thighs!  So that made me cheer up a little and if i am losing inches I have to contribute my weight to building muscle.  I have been so sore almost every day this whole program so I know I am building muscle!

One of the ways you reach a large goal that you have set, it to break it down into smaller goals and work your way through those to eventually reach your large goal.  I thought I could just focus on my goal weight now that I have come this far, but that doesn't appear to be the case especially with weight lifting.  So I have decided to set a few goals for the next month to focus on during the last month of Chalean Extreme.  First I was reading up about your cheat days sabotaging the rest of your week.  I don't want to consume thousands of extra calories on my cheat day and have that mess up all the hard work I have put in over the week, so I want to get rid of my cheat days.  I need a lifestyle and having a day where I don't adhere to my lifestyle every week just doesn't seem right.

Goal 1: This coming month I want to focus on eating healthy and tracking everything that I eat.  I want to start educating myself again on what is in food and how it effects your body.  I need to know how much of each food you are supposed to be eating in a day.  How many carbohydrates should you be eating, how many grams of fat, how many complex carbs, how much dairy and really get down this healthy eating thing.  This will give me a project to work on and focus on this next month instead of just stressing about how I am not losing weight.

Goal 2: On that note I also have a goal not to weigh myself for the entire phase 3 month.  This is because I know how much my weigh in effects my mood.  If I hadn't weighed in on Sunday, I would not have eaten so horribly the past three days.  Before my weigh in I was feeling good, eating healthy, and had a very positive outlook.  After my weigh in I was eating sugar, processed foods, was tired, and depressed.  Otherwise known as emotional eating.  This is going to be tough for me and I need to make sure I have my food down pat because if I am not weighing myself I can't be positive that I'm staying on track, which is why tracking what I eat will be so important.

For the rest of this week, starting now since I have pretty much sabotaged the whole day already,  until my official end of phase 2 I just want to do my cardio and make sure to get back to eating healthy.  Fortunately the cake is almost gone.

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