Monday, April 28, 2014

One Week to go

This is the last week of Chalean Extreme.  The last week I have to stay off of the scale.  I am totally ecstatic to finish Chalean Extreme and to start Turbo Fire.  A few weeks ago I decided to do the Fire Starter class for one of my cardio days instead of the short cardio in the CLX program (burn it off).  I loved the turbo fire class!  Most of this month I have switched those two classes.  I have to admit that I am very tempted to just skip the last week of Chalean Extreme and go right into turbo fire, but that would be pretty pathetic of me to work so hard and then skip the very last week of the program.  (Doesn't mean I'm not tempted to do it though ;-)

My foot is fully healed and I am excited to return to cardio.  I am hoping that now that I have muscle and I will be switching to doing mostly cardio, I will lose the rest of the weight faster.  One can hope.  Anyway, I get to weigh myself on Sunday and I am nervous and excited.  I am trying to mentally prepare myself for anything.  The scale could show that I have lost no weight or it could show that I have finally dropped down into my healthy weight range.  I'm going to be carefully watching what I eat from this day forth to make sure I don't mess up my weigh in by eating too much food the night before! 

In other news my brother came over today.  He is back for a few days from college before he heads out on a music tour of Europe.  He said that I look a lot different than the last time he saw me, which makes me feel good because he hasn't seen me since before I started CLX which means that I have indeed made progress.  (He said "yeah, you opened the door and I was like WOW!  My sister is getting hot!"   haha, he always knows how to make me feel good).

Not much to say about today besides that, so here are some updates from last week:

We went on a hike and Lily walked the whole way!  She absolutely loved it and even ran the last little bit.  She fell asleep in the car on the way home though.  Not surprising as the hike was about 2.5 miles long!

Also last week I took the kids to the Zoo again.  Lily had been begging to go for several days so I finally found a day to take them.  It was nice!  Not too hot, not too cold.  Chloe spent most of the time out of the stroller and they both had a great time.
Lastly, I got a new thermos(?) I am not sure what to call it but that sounds good enough.  Anyway, I keep it filled with water and carry it around the house with me.  It's been helping me to drink more water.  Now just to keep up with it.

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