Monday, July 21, 2014

Crash and Burn

The past two days haven't turned out quite like I had hoped they would.  Yesterday was Sunday, meaning that it was already the hardest day of the week for me to maintain healthy eating, and it was also my birthday.  So pretty much I was doomed from the get go.  I made some crepes for breakfast and that was awesome!  But unfortunately I didn't feel much like cooking for the rest of the day so I piecemeal-ed my lunch and dinner together.  Whenever I do that, it is always disastrous.  Lunch consisted of leftovers from Friday night, so there was pretzel crisps, artichoke dip, and quinoa salad.  I ate way too much of the artichoke dip.  Then I proceeded to eat the rest of my birthday cake.  That wouldn't have been too bad if when I got home later that day I didn't eat all the cookie dough that was in the freezer and then I made popcorn for my dinner.  I have really been craving popcorn lately and I'm not sure why.  The highlight of my day was waking up and getting a surprise when I looked at my watch:
My watch gave me a birthday cake!

Today, I thought I could pull myself out of it and jump right back into healthy eating, but the hardest day for me is day 1.  I don't know why it is so hard for me to recover after a bad eating day, but it seems like the food I ate yesterday left hooks in my body and is pulling me back causing me to eat those things again.  I guess I could just throw out the left overs but that is such a waste of food, and with three others in the house there could be mutiny. 

I did great today until I came home at 3:30 and was very hungry.  I was planning on having a yogurt and then eating a protein shake for dinner since Matt is in school today, but for some reason I just couldn't seem to control myself and before I knew it, I had totally blown the whole day out of the water.  I'm pretty disappointed in myself since I was so ready to eat well after showing a loss on the scale for the first time in a month last Friday, and now I am back at square one: having to eat well for about a week to work off all the damage I did over the weekend and just get back down to my lowest weight. 

The worst thing about it is that I eat and eat until I make myself sick, and then I'm moaning in pain the rest of the night wondering why I haven't yet learned my lesson from the last time I did this to myself.  So unfortunately tomorrow is day 1 again, and if I can get past day 1, I should be good to go for a while.

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  1. I do the exact same thing. I was so on track before we went on vacation and I have not recovered since we have gotten home and that has been 2 weeks. Dust yourself and and you will do good tomorrow!!