Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 1 Passed

Four days later, I finally made is past day one!  Today I drank 12 cups of water, I didn't touch a diet soda, and I stayed out of all sugar and processed foods.  I had a headache from caffeine withdrawals since I drank so much diet soda over the weekend.  Outch.  Mental note to self, don't get so carried away with the diet soda.  I'm going to go off of it for a few days.  I always think that I should get around to giving up soda, but I just am not willing to do that yet.  I can give it up for several days and even months at a time, but to never drink a soda again?  That is just a recipe for failure, because I know I am going to do it.  Anyway, I was more than a little shocked at what my disastrous four days did to my weight.  The scale flashed 151 this morning and I about freaked since that is 8 pounds higher than on Friday!  I know a lot of it is water weight, I was feeling really bloated yesterday (TMI I know).  Water retention from all the soda.  I was expecting something around the 148 range.  It will be interesting to see how hard it is to get back down to 143.  Now I know what a four day splurge does to me and believe me, I won't be doing that again!  I thought I had kissed the 150s goodbye forever!

Today was a good day to eat light for dinner since it was Day one and Matt had school tonight so I made the yummy turkey gyros for lunch and had a shake for dinner.  I usually have a shake or a sandwich for lunch so that is why my light dinners as of late have all been shakes.
 This week has been uber hot (at least for Colorado) Temperatures in the mid 90s.  So the kids decided to just go for a splash in the pool while I was cleaning up the kitchen.  When I finished I decided to join in the festivities and we were all soaking wet in our clothes but it was lots of fun!  I am glad that I have broken out of my tiredness coma and I had energy today to play with the kids. 
 In the evening I put on some music and we all danced around for a while.  I got hot and sweaty since it was 80 degrees in the house.  (at 7pm it was still 83 outside so it was still hotter outside than in the house!)  Our AC doesn't work too well when it gets so hot, I turn it on to keep cool but it doesn't actually cool the house down. 

Now that I've made it past day one I should be good to go for a while.  Now is the time when I actually start to get skinny!  I feel like all this time I have been getting less and less fat, but since I entered into my healthy weight range I have started feeling thin for the first time!  It is very exciting and I am going to cling onto that as motivation to stay on track.

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