Sunday, July 13, 2014

Staying in Control on Sunday

This morning I weighed in at 145.2.  Considering that we went out for breakfast yesterday and I ate three giant strawberry cheesecake pancakes that were amazing, I am pretty happy with that.  I was 145.2 yesterday as well and I am trying very hard not to overeat again and shoot my weight back up to 147.  I have been bouncing between 144 and and 147 the past three weeks.  It seems that every time I get my weight back down, I have a few bad days in a row and my weight jumps up, which it then takes me three to four days to get it back down and by that time something has come up and I splurge again.  So I am focusing on breaking that cycle now and getting my weight back down to 144 and then of course the next step is to break 144!  Hopefully I can do that this next week.  I'm still only going to update my weight tracker when I weigh in at a new weight.

Sunday is the hardest day of the week for me when it comes to nutrition.  Ever since I started Sunday has been my free day and I am really trying to get my "free day" under control.  Since my weight has dropped into my healthy weight range eating a lot of high calorie foods (such as making cookies and eating half of the cookie dough) has a larger effect on me and it stays with me for a longer period of time.  I am trying to learn how to have a treat without going overboard.  That has always been my weak spot.  I will get a little bit of sugar and then just lose all control.  So today, I have had a few cookies and a few small pieces of candy that I got at church (I was teaching the 5 year olds and my co teacher brought candy).  Fortunately I had made dinner for tonight a few days ago when I did my first experiments in once a month cooking where I made three meals at one time.  I'm planning on writing a blog post about that soon once I get it all put together.  I made chicken wraps, chicken devon, and chicken enchiladas.  Tonight we are having the Chicken Devon. 

It's a broccoli, chicken curry dish.  I put lots of broccoli in it, gives you an extra health boost.  I was wanting to make popcorn with butter but since I already ate cookies and candy I decided to refrain.  I don't exercise on Sundays (which doesn't help that Sunday has always been my free day because I don't work off any of the extra calories).

There are two more weeks left in the second month of my Turbo Fire challenge and I am dying to get below 144!  I'm trying to get to 140 so I can take my next picture and update my weight loss photos page!


  1. I struggle with the same up and down. Mostly because I tend to give in just a bit on the weekends. Sometimes I may eat well but I have a few drinks. Then my weight goes up a few pounds and it can really take me between 3-7 days to get that off! Makes me so mad. It stresses me out as well cause I feel like I should be able to go to the ballgame with my husband, have a beer and not worry about the scale the next day. hmph. It's a never ending battle.

    1. When I have a bad day I always avoid the scale for the next few days because I don't want to face it! I think that if I have one bad day and then get back on track the next day it doesn't affect me much (of course that is depending on how bad the day was) but I also find it harder the day after splurging like my mind is still set on eating all the things I ate yesterday and doesn't want to give it up yet, so that is where I really get into trouble because my one day turns into four days! It's a never ending battle just like you said!

  2. Weekends are crazy. However wheneve I visit my parents thats when I dont eat well...blaah.

    Infact today was exceptionally bad. I dont even know how many after eights I had.

    but I did realize that I need to get back on track now.

    1. I'm actually better at my parents house than at my in laws house. My in laws always have about 50 varieties of chips in their pantry and of course I have to try them all. Then they always have dessert! Visiting family is definitely one of my nutritional weaknesses too. Fortunately, when we wake up in the morning it is a new day! I'm glad you are getting back on track :-)