Thursday, July 31, 2014

T minus 1 day

Last night definitely did not go as I would have liked it to.  About 10-15 minutes after I went to bed I hear my oldest making choking sounds and start crying.  I knew immediately what had happened, and sure enough, as I jumped up and ran into her room the overwhelming stench of vomit hit me like a wall.  And there was poor Lily, covered and crying saying "mommy, I spit in my bed!"  I'm not going to lie, it was pretty bad.  I had to wash her hair, change her clothes, and her sheets including her pillow.  I had to clean up spots on the carpet too, wash out the sheets in the sink, get the laundry started and when everything was done, I put a fan in her room to blow the smell out because it smelled like carpet cleaner and vomit.  I think I got to bed around midnight.  Later, Chloe woke up, but thankfully no vomit.  She was cold, so I turned the heater on in her room.  I never thought that I would have to turn on the heater at the end of July!  It's been rainy and cold for the past two days here.  Chloe woke up twice somewhere around 3-4 in the morning.  Naturally, I've been exhausted all day today and the kids still didn't feel very good.  We subsisted today on ginger ale, saltines and movies.
It seemed throughout the day as the kids started to feel better, I started to feel worse.  Thankfully I haven't gotten violently ill yet, and Matt, and the kids all seem to be doing pretty good now.  Last night I was the healthiest one in the house and now I am the sickest one in the house, so it's their turn to take care of me ha!  Tomorrow we are taking the Cog Train to the top of Pikes Peak, it is the one thing we are doing as a family for a 'vacation' this summer so I hope I feel better by the morning. 

I have been mentally preparing for my challenge today, all my motivational sayings are posted around the kitchen and living room, and the most important one is in the place I look the most and it says "Finish what you started"  Which has multiple meanings for me.  It's time to finish my weight loss journey, and I also have a bad habit of not finishing my challenges because I get bored with them.  So now is the time to Finish What I started!  I have  a little calendar that says 92 days on it I made out of a sticky note pad and I am going to rip off one a day.  92 days will come and go.  In 92 days I could be at the finish line or I could still be fiddling around 145.  This is to remind me every day, where do I want to be at the end of this challenge!  I want to be able to look back and have no regrets, to be able to say I gave it my all, I did my best, I worked hard every single day, and I feel proud of myself.


  1. Sorry sickness is still in your house. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

  2. Poor girl! I have cleaned that kind of mess up. Sorry you guys are sick. I just finished reading all the blog posts I missed (like most of July). Love you, and I think you are doing amazing. I love to read about how you are facing your demons. Keep writing, keep moving forward. Good luck tomorrow.