Monday, July 7, 2014

Dear Stomach

Have you ever had to shut your mind off to hunger?  Maybe you are not really hungry but you are thirsty or just bored.  I know for a fact that I used to eat whenever I got bored.  It was something that was satisfactory and delicious.  I never ate anything healthy when I was bored.  The afternoons are the worst time for me.  I tend to get really sleepy and really hungry in the afternoons and I just want to snack from 2:00-dinnertime.  That is one habit I have had to quit.  Now I get my afternoon snack and then I tell my stomach that it is just bored, and if I am still hungry after a while I will go drink some water.  I need to cut out all the extra mindless snacking!  So next time it isn't yet time to eat and you find yourself reaching for the crackers, tell your tummy:  you are bored not hungry, go do something else. 

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