Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nothing lasts forever

Certainly perfect days don't last forever, although I wish they would.  It seems inevitable that after a practically perfect day I would crash and burn... although I'm trying to avoid the burning part.  Yesterday was not the best nutrition day, my sugar cravings came back full force and remember the cookie dough that I mentioned was in the freezer?  Yeah, about half of it is in my tummy now... or it was yesterday ha!  I ended up doing two workouts yesterday, my cardio in the morning and then after I gave into my cravings and then made some popcorn and smothered it in butter and had that as a snack with Lily, I decided that something needed to be done.  I'm hovering at 144.6 right now and historically now is when I blow it and my weight shoots back up to 147 or wherever depending on how much I decided to eat and for how long.  THAT is exactly what I am trying NOT to do this time because I desperately want to get to 140 and take my next picture!  So I decided yesterday that I needed a second workout to help offset some of the massive amount of calories I ate around lunch time.  Having already completed Turbo Fire, I decided to revisit an old friend of mine: Zumba Dance!  The kids were taking naps (wahoo!  two days in a row it's unheard of) but I worked hard to get them both down around the same time, and I had an enjoyable time doing Zumba.  It must have helped because this morning I am still 144.6, although I am glad I didn't go up, I am also upset with myself because I think that if I hadn't splurged yesterday the scale might have gone down today.  There is no way to know for sure so I will just have to let it pass and focus on today.

This morning the kids have been all temperamental.  There was a HIIT workout on the schedule today and this morning I have been sooooo TIRED!  Possibly from my extra workout and less than perfect eating yesterday, then of course I was having trouble falling asleep.... that would do it.  I've been pretty grumpy all morning, mostly just because I feel so tired, my head hurts and my eyes sting.  Maybe my allergies are acting up again.  Thank goodness the hives are gone off my neck now!  That was the craziest thing.  Anyway, I wasn't in the mood for a HIIT so I decided to do Zumba Dance again since I had so much fun yesterday.  Bad Idea!  Since it is on the Ipad and at a lower level, and both the kids are up, it turned out to be a disaster.  I couldn't get the kids to stop messing around with it and then they kept throwing toys, books, and couch cushions onto the living room floor where I was trying to workout.  20 minutes later I just quit trying, I was so frustrated and upset that it wasn't fun anymore and both the kids were having tantrums.
Of course Chloe decided to smile when we took the picture, but you can see a tear in her eye.  She promptly resumed crying when I put my phone down.

So I might try working out later today if I start feeling better, but seriously my head hurts from lack of sleep.  Do you ever find that when you have a lot of energy one day, the next day you crash?  I had tons of energy yesterday, enough to do 2 workouts even (and my second workout was completed by 5pm so I know that is not the reason why I couldn't get to sleep).  But it seems maybe I had too much energy since it kept me awake at night and today, there is nothing. 

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