Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's Too Hard

Such were the thoughts running through my head this morning.  I was thinking of how hard this past week has been.  It's been harder than I thought getting back into the routine of exercise and healthy eating.  I was having an imaginary conversation in my head with my husband in which he had asked me to clean the bathrooms today (which he had) and I just broke down and started sobbing.  I felt overwhelmed and exhausted.  I had spent 2 hours cleaning the kitchen and floors yesterday, I've been sick for over a week, the kids have been sick for over a week, we are all feeling cooped up, and I feel so stressed trying to not eat all the time, trying to eat good foods and not too much unhealthy foods.  Exercising is so hard right now, and I am sore everywhere.  In my head I broke down and cried "It's too hard!  Losing weight is too hard!"

How many of us have had this thought?  Probably daily if your anything like me.  Well guess what.  Weight Loss Is HARD!  It's mentally and physically exhausting.  Sometimes I just want to break down and cry, sometimes I want to scream in frustration.  Weight loss is hard, it's unfair, it's brutal, but it is possible for those who want it bad enough and the rewards outweigh the difficulties and trials of going through the process.  It's a trial by fire.  I'm not talking about the rewards of seeing a number on the scale or fitting into those size 2 jeans.  I'm talking about building confidence, character and self esteem.  I'm talking about having the energy to get through the day, improving your health, and really living your life.  In my imaginary conversation I was having after my desperate wail of "it's too hard" I started thinking of life before weight loss.  All I wanted to do was lie down on the couch.  I would take every opportunity to sit.  Every task was hard to do because I was tired all the time.  We have all been there.  We know what the before picture looks like.  Do you want to continue living that way?  What is more important to you?  Eating whatever you want whenever you want, or feeling better, feeling confident, and being proud of yourself for accomplishing something amazing. 
When I thought of where I used to be, my thoughts went from "It's too hard" to, "It's hard but it's worth it.  It's hard but I have to do it."  I may have had a hiccup in my weight loss journey, a phase I went through where I gained some weight back, but that doesn't make me a failure, that doesn't mean that I can't continue on and reach my goals.  It was a challenge that I had to overcome, an experience that has become a part of my weight loss journey, and many lessons learned.  Just because you have a setback doesn't mean you are out of the game.  We all think that as soon as we have a minor weight gain it's all over, but that is just not true.  We are in charge of our own lives, we choose what we will and will not do. 

Weight loss is not too hard, it's possible, and it's worth fighting for.

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  1. Losing weight is the hard! I love the the quote picture. All three things are really hard. I can not get my mind totally back in to not having chocolate. I have had chocolate I think everyday since the beginning of the year. Oh well I will get it under control.