Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ski Trip

This weekend was really fun.  We went up to Crested Butte in the mountains for a ski trip.  We left Thursday afternoon and stopped at a Thai restaurant that we love to eat at on the way out there.  It is this authentic Thai place in the middle of no where and it is amazing!  Matt surprised me by ordering some Spring Rolls for an appetizer and they were awesome.  I tried to keep my eating to a minimum on this trip, we will see how I did tomorrow.  I still had some chips and several small cookies, so hopefully the energy I expended this weekend will make up for it. 

On Friday it was just us, so Matt went skiing by himself and I took the kids to the Children's Museum they have at the base.  They loved that place!  We spent the whole day there.  There were two floors and we spent the whole day upstairs because it was for younger kids.  They had fake food, farm animals, an art center, building blocks, a dig pit, shopping center, pizza shop, baby area, and a little playground.
Lily buried in the dig pit

Chloe buried in the dig pit

Chloe pushing around the shopping cart
It made the day much more fun for everyone.  My Inlaws arrived that night and I had made steak fajitas for dinner in the crock pot.  It was nice and simple, Fajitas are iffy when it comes to weight loss because the actual meat isn't very high in calories, it's all the extra you put on it and a huge contributor is the tortilla.  I tried to limit my tortilla intake this weekend.  Friday night I had three (the really small fajita size ones are about 110 calories each.  I filled it with meat (which just had beef broth, garlic and tomatoes in it) some salsa (which is virtually free of calories) some cheese (careful on the cheese!) and avocado (great food, but unfortunately also high in calories.  I probably had a fourth of an avocado).  I was so incredibly hungry by the time dinner came around.  We ate late since my Inlaws arrived late (we ate around 6:30-7pm, I usually eat dinner around 5-5:30pm).  But it had been a very busy day.  On Friday, without any official exercise I got in 17,076 steps, climbed 54 flights of stairs had 79 active minutes and burned an estimated 2,679 calories.  I got in plenty of exercise without any official exercise.  Matt took Lily skiing in the morning before the Children's Museum opened up and when I went to go watch her she came down the bunny slopes she saw me and decided that she wanted to come back with me and Chloe.  Well, the bunny slope was down this big hill and Lily absolutely refused to go back up the lift with Matt and ski down to a higher location and meet me there.  I didn't know what I was getting myself when I said that I was fine and I could take them both back.  Chloe was exhausted from the trip out and not sleeping well the night before.  Lily was exhausted from skiing and not sleeping well the night before and as soon as Matt left Chloe starts up "Daddy!" and all crying and she wants to be carried and refused to walk.  As soon as Lily sees me carrying Chloe she starts crying and wants to be carried.  So I have Lily (in ski boots) and Chloe, and Lily's skis and my purse.  So I carried Chloe, the skis and my purse up a little way, set them all down, ran back and got Lily and carried her up and past Chloe and up the hill a little farther then set her down.  Then ran back down and got Chloe, the skis, and my purse and carried them up the hill, past Lily and up a little farther, then set her down...... And back and forth and back and forth and back and forth until we got all the way back up the hill and to the cobblestones.  Then I carried Chloe up three flights of stairs to the Condo and went back down and carried Lily up three flights of stairs to the condo..... That was my exercise for Friday.  Craziness!  But it was much better once I got the kids to the Children's museum around 10:45am, the rest of the day went well.

Saturday was my turn to ski!  I was dreading putting my boots on and I was talking with my Father In Law about switching to snowboarding.  I could tell Matt was not happy in the least that I was entertaining the idea of switching.  What ended up happening is I skied until my feet were burning too much for me to keep going, about an hour and a half. Then we went back to the Condo, Matt took Lily skiing and I went and rented boots to see if I could simply fix the problem with getting a different pair of boots.  And it worked!  I got some boots with a bigger toe box and they didn't hurt nearly as much as my boots.  It was a bittersweet victory because we had bought my boots specifically because I was having pain skiing, and obviously the salesman didn't know what he was doing and sold me the wrong boot for my foot.  My boots cost $400 too.  So the plan is to sell my current boots on Craigslist and put that money into buying yet another pair of boots.  Not sure when we will buy them, maybe next year.  After my boot problem was solved I skied one run with Lily

And then Matt and I skied the rest of the day!  It was the best skiing I've experienced in years.  My old boots have only been worn about 6 times and usually only a half day because I couldn't stand to wear them longer than an hour and a half. 

Saturday night we had lasagna which I tried to eat sparingly.  Surprisingly my biggest cravings came today when we were driving home.  About half way through I had the strongest urge to snack like crazy.  I did my best to refrain and we will see how everything went this week when I step on the scale tomorrow for my weigh in. 

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