Tuesday, March 10, 2015

153 Then and Now

So I just hit 153 on the scale and as I was going through my pictures the other day I realized that I bought this top when I hit 153 the first time around.  So I have a picture of me wearing it at the same weight and I was wondering If I looked different at all between the two pictures or if 153 looked the same on me then and now.
I no longer have those jeans as I wore them out, they got holes in the knees, so I had to put on my size 8 jeans that are still a bit tight on me, but I wanted to get fairly close to the same pose and the same clothes.

I did zoom in more on the right hand picture than on the left.  It's pretty hard to tell any differences. I think my shirt shrunk in the wash.  My thigh in the front looks bigger in the current photo but that could just be because it is zoomed in more.  Well I tried.  I did notice that when putting on my size 8 pants I didn't have difficulty pulling them up or zipping them, but they are still really tight and I took them off after the photo.  Maybe in another 5 pounds I can wear them again. 

Another thing I forgot to mention in my post about differences and that is I have noticed that my kitchen gloves don't fit very well.  I can't bend my fingers in my gloves anymore, they are really tight.  How crazy is that!  That is something I never really thought about being a problem and it makes washing the dishes harder because I can't get a good grip on them.  

I feel really good about how today went.  I got upset in the afternoon and instead of eating due to being upset I just chewed some gum and then later finished my workout.  Also this evening I made a nutritious dinner of fish and veggies
The fish is Tilapia and I put some olive oil on it with some ginger citrus rub from Pampered Chef and Broiled it.  It came out really good!  The veggies are just mixed frozen veggies from Costco and I put a tsp of olive oil on it and some salt and pepper and cooked it in my microwave cooker.  Super tasty, easy and super healthy!  My fish was only 110 calories and then I added in the olive oil for about another 50 calories.  The veggies were also only about 60 calories. 

Today was a mixed day, I watched a friend's two kids for a few hours in the morning while they went to a doctors appointment.  It actually went really well.  Their oldest is the same age as my youngest and then they have a 6 month old baby.  The kids loved the baby and they all played really well together.  Then I had to go grocery shopping which is always frustrating with both the kids.  Chloe wanted to get out of the basket and run around, the problem is once she is out she runs off.  So I had to deal with her throwing tantrums because she had to stay in the basket. Just a typical grocery run.  Came home, fed the kids lunch and put Chloe down for a nap.  I've been having a chip attack lately.  I've been wanting (and eating) lots of chips around lunch time.  So far I have managed to stay within my calorie range but there are lots of other and better foods I could be spending 350 calories on a day instead of chips.  Once the chips are gone I think I need to keep them out of the house for a little while.  My exercise today was broken up and I only managed about 40 minutes of Zumba on the Wii.  In the evening I decided to redo my nails for St. Patrick's day coming up.  I wanted to try some of the striping techniques I had watched on Youtube and also play with my chevron stickers (I have some white chevron nail stickers).  I think it came out pretty good. 
The time change has messed up my kids sleeping schedule.  I wish we could just do away with the time change, it's awful for kids.  Chloe is STILL awake, so I am going to go put her back to bed, then go to bed myself.
23 pounds to goal. 1 pound lost last week


  1. you look lovely then AND now, and your nails are sooo fun, ive been playing with jamberry and no luck, for one it's hard to do my own, but I also have chosen all glitter styles and i guess they are really thick, so hard to stick.. *sigh* I need to come visit you =-)

  2. Thank you for the compliment! We don't often see ourselves through the kindest of eyes. I've heard that Jamberry only works with certain nail shapes otherwise they have trouble adhering properly to the nail. I would totally do your nails if you ever came to Colorado lol. And I have tons of glitter ;-)