Thursday, March 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday

I have never done a Throwback Thursday post before, but I was going through some pictures of the past 8 years and I found plenty of pictures for several Throwback Thursday posts!  I would love to get some from my younger years as well, but I will have to go through my parent's stash to get those. 

Today I'm going to give you a visual timeline from the time I met Matt to present day, and you can see how my weight changed.  There are some holes in this timeline, I didn't come across the pictures from the year we were in Korea so I will have to dig those up and post them on another day.

Here I am when we were dating:
This was taken in late 2006.  It was my favorite picture of me for a very long time because it was the thinnest I was since I knew Matt.  I met Matt at 155 pounds.  Today I'm around 153 so I'm about the same weight now as when this picture was taken.

 This was right after we were married in June 2008.  I think I look pretty good in this photo regardless of my 165ish pounds.  My clothes and my pose must just hide it well. 

This is in the airport right before our honeymoon!  I actually have a whole post planned for our honeymoon, maybe I will post it next Thursday.  This was also before camera phones so I had to hold the camera out in front and take the picture.  Multitasking ;)

This is our first Christmas together in 2008.  I'm making Crapes.  I am about 175 pounds in this photo, you can see I adopted baggy pajama pants and I believe that's one of Matt's shirts I'm wearing.  I gained 10 pounds over the summer we were married due to record heat waves that came through, I pretty much hid inside by the air conditioning.  I Crocheted Matt a blanket that year for Christmas.  Notice how his weight really hasn't changed over the years.  Totally unfair, but onward!

Here is my super awesome selfie before camera phones existed.  It took a couple shots to get it right and I had to laugh at myself when I saw all the messed up shots.  This is on our vacation to the slot canyons and Goblin Valley in Utah in Spring 2009.  I can definitely tell my face is heavier in this picture.

This is 2010-August when we moved back from Korea.  I'm pregnant with Lily but I think I just look fat.  You know those people who are normal weight and really pregnant and all they have is a baby bump?  Craziness, most people just thought I was fat when they saw me :-(  I'm sure you know my pain.  That's our cat, she doesn't look too happy to be picked up at the moment.

Early 2011 after Lily was born, I had lost some of the baby weight but I'm pretty sure I'm still somewhere around 190 in this photo.

Now we get to the photos where I got really large.  I am just amazed at how big my butt looks in these photos.  Lily is there on the chair.  It looks like we are making whipped cream, I have the heavy whipping cream and the sugar out on the counter. This is mid 2012

Here is another butt shot, I'm not sure what my husband was thinking.

This is pretty much as bad as it gets.  This was taken in late 2012.  Could there possibly be any better picture to depict my relationship with food?  There are two forks on my plate!  TWO!  I believe I was trying to eat half a breakfast burrito and I piled the food on too high and couldn't fold it up.  Matt was trying to take a picture of my failed attempt to fit all the food inside the tortilla. 

I have come a long way since then.  Even though I am not at my goal yet I am thankful for how far I have come.  I would much rather stay forever at this size than go back to the size I was.  Sometimes you don't realize how far you have come until you see the pictures and I think to myself "did I really look like that!?"  Yes I did and bless my husband for loving me from thin to fat to thin again (although he never knew me in a "healthy" weight, when we met I was 155 which is still 10 pounds overweight).  Anyway that's not the point.  The point is my husband never said a word through it all.  He just loved me, and I love him even more for it.

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  1. You look amazing--congrats on the weight loss! Having a supportive spouse through it all makes it so much easier. It's awesome that your husband never said anything negative about your weight.