Sunday, March 1, 2015

Energy Crash

Well I knew it was coming, I knew that after so much activity I had to crash sometime and yesterday was the day.  I was incredibly tired all day long.  The kids have still been waking up in the middle of the night, either one or the other, and then refusing to go back to sleep.  But mostly I think I'm just tired from so much exertion over this past week.  It wasn't even on purpose.  I just ended up getting in over 20,000 steps every day except one, it wasn't even intentional!  Plus when I went to CX which is a 30 minute core class we were doing planks and I hurt my lower back.  Fortunately it doesn't bother me too much but when I'm sitting down or bending over I can feel it.  The kids have also been a little sleep deprived, probably from waking up so much at night.  Chloe is going through a phase where she won't go to bed at night and often falls asleep around 9:30pm instead of her usual 7:30pm.  She has also been getting up earlier by an hour!  It's not been fun with grumpy children, they have been fighting a lot with each other lately which is driving me nuts, I have to keep them separated, sometimes by keeping one on the main floor and sending one upstairs! 

Anyway, yesterday morning was the worst of the whole week.  Chloe was a wreak because she didn't take a nap the previous day and woke up an hour early that morning.  She was grumpy and fussy all morning and refused to eat breakfast.  I was taking the kids over to my parent's house before my sister's piano recital.  Matt was doing supervision with one of his employees at the house and they always talk about confidential stuff so I always leave the house with the kids, ever since the kids were so loud the first time that they couldn't concentrate even though we were upstairs.  So away we went to my parents who live about 20 minutes away.  Chloe threw a fit because Matt didn't put on her shoes for her, which was weird since she is totally a Mommy's girl and usually I have to do everything and she gets upset if Matt does something.  She cried all the way to my parents house and fortunately calmed down when we arrived.  But then we went to my sister's piano recital, they ran around the room for 30 minutes before it began and then I could only get them to be quite about 5 minutes.  Then they were being so disruptive the piano teacher who put the whole thing on had to ask us to leave.  I was so embarrassed and I had to stand out in the hall while my sister played.  Combined with being really tired I was not in a good mood.  Of course neither of the kids wanted to sleep when we got home but at least they sat and watched a movie. 

After so much stress my usually coping mechanism was to go eat and those brownies I made for Matt the night before that I had stayed out of were calling to me.  All I wanted to do was sit down at the table with about 10 of those gooey chocolatey brownies and dig in and eat away my stress.  Instead I texted a friend and ate a string cheese and drank a diet Pepsi since it was 11:00 by that time and I hadn't eaten a snack yet.  I was proud of myself, I usually can't resist stress eating, it's one of my greatest downfalls. 

Just a little while later we packed up and headed out to my Inlaws house which is about an hour and 15 minutes away.  They received more snow than we did, although we received plenty, and since they live on the side of a mountain, Matt decided to bring his skis and do a little skiing in his parents backyard.  I took a video of him, he was pretty excited to be skiing powder for the first time all winter. 

I brought my nail stuff up to my Inlaws and did my sister in laws nails and my mother in law's nails.  My sister in law chose white nails with some black stamps, I have a plate that has Chinese symbols on it and she picked out the yin yang symbol along with love, tiger, and courage, then a Japanese bird looking thing for the thumb and a bow jewel for her ring finger.  I never would have thought to do something like that but the overall effect was pretty neat.  My mother in law picked out a shimmery orange with a shimmery green accent nail, then I put jewels on the top across her thumb and ring finger.   By the time I was doing my mother in laws nails I was so tired and my contacts were really bothering me, my hands were shaking and I ended up blobbing the top coat everywhere.  Given my state of mind I'm surprised that the top coat was the only coat I messed up.  It didn't really affect the manicure but I did get it all over her fingers which doesn't feel good in the LED light and of course can cause premature peeling of the polish. 

Inbetween my sister in law and my mother in law's nails we went in the pool which was freezing cold, but the kids didn't seem to mind.  They got a new zip line they installed where you can stand at the top of the stairs and zipline into the pool.  It was pretty cool, but you have to hold on in a chin up position and I could barely hold on.  I wonder now if I had to hold the chin up position and if I could have just extended my arms, it was hard to keep my arms flexed during the ride.  I guess if you fall off it would be into the pool and that wouldn't be too bad.  I only had the energy to do it twice. 

Normally at my inlaws house I eat tons of chips but I was so occupied with doing nails and swimming in the pool that I didn't have a chance to eat any chips.  I also skipped dessert which is another victory for me.  So yesterday turned out to be a really good food day for me.  I came home and crashed as soon as I finished adding up points from the facebook group.  Fortunately the kids had fallen asleep on the way home. 

This morning I checked my weight and I am 153.2!  I'm down 2.8 pounds from Tuesday's weigh in.  And I've been eating about 1,900 calories a day!  It's because I've gotten in so much physical activity that I can eat that much food.  I didn't track everything yesterday, but I was probably closer to 1700.  I didn't track dinner.  Today is Fast Sunday so as long as I can keep today in check I should be good to go for my weigh in on Tuesday to post to the group!  I am only .4 pounds away from my recent lowest since I gained the weight back of 152.8, after I break through that I will feel like I am really on my way for good. 

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