Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gone Hiking

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good.  I think I have built up enough antihistamines in my system to keep the allergies at bay.... at least for the moment. This is the first morning that I have woken up and not been utterly miserable.  The time change really threw me off track, combined with allergies... it hasn't been pretty.  But today I woke up on the good side of the bed.  I made poached eggs and toast for breakfast.  It's a little higher in calories than my usual breakfast (500 calories with three eggs, two pieces of toast and some pure fruit jelly).  But I knew I was going to be going to the gym and then going on a hike later in the day and I didn't mind having the extra calories.  The plan was to walk on the treadmill and then go swim laps at the pool, but this morning the gym was hosting an indoor sprint triathlon and the pool lanes were reserved for the triathlon until noon.  I was really bummed because my swim cap and my new swim goggles came in yesterday and I really wanted to try them out today.  So I settled with fast walking on the treadmill.  I'm not running yet, my back isn't fully recovered and I'm not planning on starting the running phase of training until next month.  I'm going to download a 12 week triathlon training app... I guess I could just find a free one online, but I'm kind of a tech junkie.  (Speaking of which, the new apple watch is totally on my wishlist.  When my current fitbit breaks I think I will be upgrading.  Although I hope my fitbit lasts a good long while because the apple watch needs some battery life improvement.  I really try not to buy first generation anything due to all the tech kinks, second and third generations are usually a lot better and cheaper).

After my fast walk (I stayed on for a hour to feel like I got a good workout. My pace was 4.4 mph through most of it) I went and sat in the hot tub for a while.  I love the hot tub at the gym, they have them in the locker rooms so they are female exclusive and I don't even have to leave the locker room!  It's great.  Afterwards it was time to go home, a quick lunch and we were off to the mountains for our first family hike of the season.  It was about 66 deg out today, super nice.  In an interesting turn of events Chloe did better than Lily!  My 2 year old was running up the mountain as my 4 year old was shouting behind "wait for me!"  I was just shocked.  Chloe did amazing the whole time and when it was time to turn around, we turned around because Lily was tired and wanted to go home.  Chloe wanted to keep going!

Hike is over
 Chloe makes the exact same face as I did when I was her age.  I should find a picture of me pouting and compare it next to Chloe for a throwback Thursday sometime.  Chloe fell asleep in the car on the way home and slept for the next several hours, which was great because I got to go out and buy pants!  I've been surviving off of old pants for several months now and I'm tired of it.  One pair is dangerously close to splitting the seams down the butt- half the stitches have already split it is only a matter of time before the other half spit and that is not something I want to happen while I am out and about!  I tried Ross first but there just wasn't anything there.  So I went to JC Penny across the street and I found too many things!  I talked myself down from 4 pairs to 2.  I really wanted to stock up on pants because I always feel like I never have any pants, probably because I never do.  I usually have 2 pairs, which is what I have now and apparently what I will have over the summer too.  I bought size 10s.  I was happy to see I only went up one size.  I knew the size 8s were not going to fit since the size 8s I have at home don't fit. 

The reason why I wanted to buy more pants was because I am so tired of always being on a diet and never buying pants because soon they won't fit anymore.  I've told myself that my whole life and always ended up dangerously understocked on pants (generally following the 2 pairs of pants method).  I am really serious about finding a way of living and I am seriously considering taking the scale out of my life and just focusing on how I feel.  If I'm not stressing to hit a number I am less likely to binge.  I have been stressing that I won't be able to do a triathlon unless I am a certain weight, but I saw several people heavier than me at the gym today doing an indoor triathlon!  I beat myself up for eating a few too many chips, but really in the end it doesn't matter because I am under calories at the end of the day.  This whole crazy diet mentality has got to stop.  I'm tired of it.  I've been doing it my whole life and I am ready to really figure out this whole lifestyle thing.  Today I had a 110 calorie frozen yogurt and late at night I had an 80 calorie special K brownie.  I did a lot of exercise today, and my total calorie intake was about 1,900.  But I earned 900 in exercise so I was still way under according to MFP.  I think if you workout more, you will need to eat a little more.  Your body needs to recover.  For the first time, I am really thinking about the long term.  I will know I'm making progress because I will feel better, I will perform better, and I will fit back into my size 8 pants some day.  I just want to stop obsessing over myself, strive to love myself, and live a happy life.  Is that too much to ask?


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  2. its NOT too much to ask, im striving for the same... not obsessing over MYSELF or FOOD.. not 'over-thinking' every thing, or 'under-thinking' it either for that matter LOL.. exercising because I want to and like it and it feels good, not because I 'should' or feel like I 'have' to or 'need'' to and that if i dont feel like it for whatever reason that's okay too LOL., easier said than done..

    I love sharing this journey with you! way to go on the pants =-)

    1. I love your comments! I'm glad to know that I'm not alone. I plan on posting some pictures of me and my new pants this coming week :-)