Monday, March 16, 2015

Aqua Zumba, the Park, and various other tidbits

Last night as I was attempting to put Chloe to bed I injured myself yet again. Chloe has entered the terrible twos and has decided that sleeping is not for her.  So going to bed at night is very hard to accomplish these days.  We have this toy hippo that the kids can hang onto and push around like a shopping cart and Chloe was pushing that around when I told her that it was time for bed. She of course wanted to keep playing and when I picked her up she held onto this toy. In my infinite wisdom I was trying to get her to drop it while holding her in the air. And drop it she did.... On my foot. Outch! That hurt! So now my foot is injured, it hurts to walk on it.
This is the toy that was dropped on my big toe

So today I'm all busted and bruised and in a pretty crummy mood. But I went to costco and bought two new swimsuits for swimming laps so I don't get so much drag with all the extra fabric on my current swimsuit. Chloe has still been hacking up a lung so I didn't want to take her to the gym today, but it was 70deg today and i took the kids to the park! (Unfortunately I didn't put sunscreen on and of course Lily got burned on her arms.  Chloe and I were fine because we have a much darker complexion, but Lily is so fair skinned and burns easily.)  The kids loved the swings and had a great time.

Afterwards I fell asleep on the couch.  I think I have been working myself too hard lately and so maybe being injured and being forced to take it easier will help me recover some energy.

I woke up only a few minutes later. The kids were watching Dora, and proceeds to climb all over me. I woke up in a worse mood than this morning. I wanted a snack and of course I decided to eat some leftover birthday cake and I discovered something very important. It took me abou 5 minutes to eat that cake and there were probably 500 calories in that cake. I realized that when the food is gone all you are left with is the stomach ache afterwards, the energy drop, and a memory. After I drank my milk I didn't even have th taste of th cake in my mouth anymore! I realized it just wasn't worth the pain.  The momentary pleasure isn't worth to extra pounds, the stomach ache, the guilt, the crummy feeling you get. The pleasure doesn't  even last that long! 5 minutes?  Totally not worth it.

About an hour later I thought I was the worst mom in th world because I was so angry and my temper so short I just wanted to lock myself in my room and cry.  Fortunately by that time Chloe was feeling better and said she wanted to go to the gym. So I figured I better get put of there before I did something I would regret. I dropped the kids off and headed for th hot tub. That's when i noticed I had perfect timing for the Aqua Zumba class and I thought I should give it a try. It wasn't as intense as regular Zumba and certainly didn't get my heart rate up like regular Zumba but it was exercise and It didn't hurt my back or my foot! That is when my mood improved and I realized I was so upset because I didn't workout earlier in the morning like I usually do. I hadn't realized how dependent I had become on exercise to boost my mood and get me through the day. It really does help to relieve stress and make you happier.  So I just have to change up my exercise while I am injured. There is a body flow class I want to try that is a stretching and yoga combo. Maybe if I burn fewer calories I won't be so hungry and I won't eat as much food and I will finally be able to lose some weight!  At the very least. Focusing on my swimming will be good for triathlon training.  After Aqua Zumba today I swam laps. I don't know how many, I just swam. I plugged everything into MFP except Aqua Zumba (it's not in their database and I forgot to bring my heart rate monitor) and even with the cake I stayed under calories.

That does add in my fitbit calories from my trip to the park. It could have been a lot worse and historically I have a hard time getting back on track after being off for several days. We will see what my weigh in tomorrow has to say. I will probably be up still from the weekend. I would expect that to leave my system around Wednesday. It usually takes two days to recover from overeating.


  1. thanks for sharing this, i really like your analogy on the chocolate cake, the calories, the time it takes and the after effects, thinking about it like that, you are right, the love of cake is NOT worth it.
    Sorry things seem to be hitting you in a crummy fashion as of late.. but im so appreciative that you share it =-) Simply because it reminds me Im not alone

    I get so much out of your blo