Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday Weigh In

Down two pounds this week!  This morning I weighed in at 154.  I might be a little lower than than because I made some French Onion soup and I have been eating it for two days and it was pretty salty so I think my sodium level is high and I'm retaining water, similar to when I eat Pho, but I'm still not complaining with two pounds down.  24 pounds to goal. 

After my energy crash this weekend I feel remarkably good right now.  Yesterday was a super busy day and I had in 22,888 steps.  We bought a new TV for my husband's birthday!  Our TV was an old tube TV that was at least 10 years old, but we couldn't hook up our new blueray DVD player to it because it didn't have an HDMI input.  Also some of the movies we were watching we couldn't read the subtitles (you know how in some action movies they speak different languages at different times in the movie and they put the subtitles up) or like at the beginning of Gravity they have those little blurbs about space, we couldn't read those either.  It's like the technology was too good for our TV so it came out blurry.  I think another problem is that all the new TVs are rectangular and our old TV is square shaped, which was probably distorting the words too.  Maybe not, maybe I'm just reading too much into it.  The point is, my husband bought a new TV and it's awesome!  I was playing Zumba world party on it today and loved it.  He mounted it pretty high and we don't yet have an entertainment console below it so I'm having difficulty with where to place the Wii censor bar.  I tried above it but that just makes it act funny.  So I put double back sticky tape on it and taped it to the bottom, but it keeps falling off.  Maybe I can find some stronger tape.  Not sure if Matt would approve of me duct taping the sensor bar to his new TV. 
That's our old entertainment center to the right, Matt threw it outside today.  He hates it.  He got it for free when he moved into his apartment in college, I think its from the 80s.  It's really heavy and had taken some pretty heavy damage from all our moves.  Today when he was taking one of the glass pieces outside it just shattered in his hands.  I think it might have been from the cold and it being old maybe?  It was crazy!  Unlike anything I have ever seen.  I should have taken a picture but I didn't think to.  It was awful to clean up, it shattered half way inside and half way outside so I had to sweep and vacuum inside and vacuum the railing for the sliding door and then outside there was snow and ice everywhere and there was glass stuck in the ice so we had to shovel the ice and put the ice in the trash can.  Also we have large square blocks surrounded by smaller rocks that leads to the side of the house so we could only get the glass picked up that was on the back steps and on the large blocks.  Everything else needs to be picked up by hand.  I tried to get a bunch of it out, but there were probably a million pieces that it shattered into.  Matt seriously was left with nothing left in his hands but a few shards of glass.  It didn't even break, or crack, just boom and it was gone.  I Googled shattered glass and this picture was similar to what it looked like
I know what I'm going to be doing once the snow melts.  And probably before then too.  It's going to take forever to get all those little pieces out of the cracks.  I don't want kids, me or the dog stepping on glass.  Despite that today went pretty well.  I decided to resume training for my triathlon I am going to be doing in August.  I'm going to start running next month and I figured I should pick back up with my swimming this month so I'm not trying to jam too much in.  I will still need to add biking.  Maybe in June I will add that. This morning I did Zumba World Party on the Wii on the new TV
And then I went to the gym to go swim.  I swam for about 30 minutes which I thought was pretty good.  It was nice to know that I'm not back at square zero for swimming.  I need to get a swim cap though, my hair kept coming out of the ponytail and getting in my face.  I hung around in the hot tub and got some lunch at the cafe afterwards so the kids could take advantage of their 2 1/2 hours of play time (and by the kids I me so I could take advantage of the kids' play time ;-) 

Besides the glass shattering in the afternoon it was pretty low key.  My sister came over to see the new tv and we played Mario Kart on the wii and I make breakfast burritos for dinner, but I decided to skip the tortilla and just eat the innerds: eggs, sausage, sweet potato, cheese etc.  Saved me some calories.  I feel really good about what I am doing right now.  and am happy with the progress I have made.  My lowest since I gained all the weight was 152.8 so I am only 1.2 pounds away from that and once I pass that and get back into the 140s I am going to feel soooo much better.  Can't wait to get back to my healthy weight range!

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