Friday, June 26, 2015

30,000 steps

I still haven't been tracking my food, I have been going just on how I feel.  I know that some days I over eat but on other days I under eat.  I'm just trying to focus on making healthy decisions and not snacking too much.  This morning I ate oatmeal and then did the grocery shopping. We came home in time for me to put everything away and head to Zumba.  I love Zumba and had a great time today.  Despite Chloe keeping me up in the middle of the night from about 2:30-4:00 I had a lot of energy and burned about 475 calories.  That's pretty good for that Zumba class without doing a pre exercise to get my heart rate up before class starts.  If I workout before Zumba I usually burn 525 calories, if I don't I usually burn about 450 calories.  After class one of my Zumba friends came up to me and said "I have to tell you that the sweat on your back makes a perfect heart as if to say "I Love Zumba!" I wish I could sweat that cute."  I've never heard of sweat being described as cute but it was pretty funny that my sweat made a heart.  This is kind of a blurry picture but you can see she was right.
If I haven't grossed you out by showing you a picture of my sweaty shirt then read on hahaha.

This afternoon I cleaned the whole kitchen, it took a while.  I had to clean up lunch, was all the dishes from yesterday and put them away.  Empty the dishwasher and load it up again, clean off the kitchen table change the tablecloth, clean the counters and then sweep and mop the floors.  It looks so much better now.  I also did the kids laundry and our darks and folded them and put everything away.  Afterwards it was off to my parent's house to do my first outdoor run.  I was going to run with my sister but she ditched me so I ended up running alone.  I think I did really well for my first outdoor run.  I haven't been doing any inclines on the treadmill so it didn't surprise me that my miles were over 11 minutes instead of 10 minutes like I have been running on the treadmill.  It is very hilly over by where my parents live.
The app I used to track my run is called "Map my Run"
I ran almost the whole way, with only about two minutes of walking so I was really proud of myself.  I forgot to take a selfie when I finished because I was distracted with Lily sitting in the window.  So I didn't take one until I stepped inside and I snapped this photo which is probably the world's worst selfie but there you have it.

My parents invited us to stay for dinner and we had sausages, mashed potatoes, green beans and watermelon.  It was very yummy, but I didn't eat too much because we ate as soon as I walked through the door and I wasn't very hungry after running for an hour.  It was my longest run ever! 

We left pretty much right after dinner, I was sweaty and wanted to get home to shower.  After my shower I checked my fitbit to see how many steps I had in today and I was shocked to see:
Woo Hoo!  Over 30,000 steps.  That is a first for me.  I had this in my inbox when I checked next.

It's called the Trail Shoe badge for walking 30,000 steps in one day.  The only downside is that the blisters on my left foot have gotten worse from this run.  So it's a good thing that I don't have to run for several days now.  Hopefully the new blisters will just go away, if anyone is ever that lucky.  Well, I'm pretty tired now, and I'm hoping the kids go to bed easily *fingers crossed*  Have a great day!

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