Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend and Weigh In

Saturday morning it was time to step on the scale.  I was happy to see that I was 150.8.  One more pound to get back to 149.8 which is where I was a few weeks ago before I ran into a few bumps.  I'm feeling pretty good right now, my size 10 pants are getting looser and my size 8 pants are starting to fit better, although they are still pretty tight.  I think they won't fit nicely until I get back to about 145.  I've been thinking about goal setting and achieving goals and I realize that part of the reason why I get so discouraged is because I do not set any short term goals.  I set a lot of long term goals but that gives me nothing to celebrate in the meantime and I get discouraged.  So my first weight goal is to get back into the 140s (so close now!) and then give myself a non food reward.  My next goal will be to get back to 145 which is my healthy weight range, and then to 143 which is the lowest I've ever been and then to 140.  That's as far as I'm planning out right now. 

We went on a hike with the family on Saturday and because of how wet it's been there was so much vegetation and I saw Columbines everywhere!  Columbines are our state flower and I have never seen so many on a trail before.  Usually you see one here and one there, but they were everywhere!  It was absolutely amazing. 
Close up

See all the purple columbines everywhere?  The whole trail was littered with them
The kids were kind of tired so we didn't get to go very far which was unfortunate, I would have really liked to go farther up the trail.  But that is what you get when you have a 2 and 4 year old.  We went to get some chocolate malts after our hike.  In the evening Matt and I went on a date!  It has been a long time since we were able to go out together by ourselves. 

Sunday was a relax day, I ate too many cookies but not as many as I used to.  I made molasses cookies and it's been a long time since I've made those kind of cookies. 

I think I'm ready to start tracking my food again.  I've been doing pretty well but I want to make sure I keep going in the right direction. 

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  1. Awesome job at looking in a perspective that can encourage your improvement!