Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tap and Ballet

While I have still been out of the game over the past few days, I have still been busy.  I have been eating more for sure and not tracking which is never a good thing for me, but yesterday I did Zumba and then I made sure to do my brick workout for my triathlon which was a 40 minute bike ride and a 10 minute run.  Today I was supposed to go for an outside run but I started feeling really sick about an hour before my run and I haven't quite felt better all evening.  I hope that I will feel better tomorrow.  Chloe had some (I hesitate to call it throw up because it was such a minimal amount, but it wasn't spit up, just enough to smell bad and need a change of clothes) and I wonder if whatever was bothering her yesterday was bothering me today.  Chloe was a pill today.  We had to go grocery shopping and we went out to get Lily her dance shoes and clothes.  Chloe threw two massive temper tantrums in the shoe store and then the clothing store.  I've never seen her act that way in public before.  Usually her temper tantrums happen at home so I was kind of at a loss for what to do.  I can't exactly put her in her room and let her cry it out when we are in the middle of the store.  Fortunately (or maybe not fortunately) those were both small stores and there wasn't really anyone in there except us and the people who worked there since we went right when they opened. 

We put Lily in a Tap/Ballet class and I am so excited we can afford to put her in something like that now.  Chloe is too young, as it requires her to be 3 years old to start, so next year she can do it too.  Lily was so incredibly excited to get her shoes and her outfit.  She went to class yesterday to try it out and make sure it was what she wanted to do (since the class would be different from what she had been doing the past 12 weeks). 
Since I didn't do my run today, I have a choice tomorrow of going to Zumba and doing my last swim for the week or ditching Zumba and doing my run and swim for my triathlon training.  I'm not sure right now what I want to do, but if I still feel sick tomorrow I will probably just do Zumba.  Chloe might not have been feeling well still today which could be the cause of the tantrums.  She is sick all the time it seems.  I can't wait to start Juice Plus and hopefully that will help her get healthy and stay healthy.  My In Laws are in love with Juice Plus and they sell it so we will be getting it from them.  They keep telling us how you hardly ever get sick if you take it (and they have gummies for the kids).  This last winter has been so terrible with being sick that I'm desperate enough to spend the money to try it.  It seems Chloe has been sick with one thing right after the other for almost a solid 6 months. 

Matt came home and decided we were eating out for dinner, and then when Lily didn't want to eat and he saw how Chloe was behaving he decided we were not eating out, so when I put Chloe to bed at 5:30pm (way early for her but she didn't nap and she was so miserable) he goes "So what are you making for dinner?" I told him he could make dinner.  We ended up ordering Chinese Food.  I ordered the Mu Shu Pork which has a lot of cabbage in it so I like to think it's healthier.  I didn't eat all of it which is a good sign.  In the old days or when I just feel like stuffing myself I would eat all of it no matter how full I was. 

Right now I just feel tired and my stomach is queasy and I'm super bloated.  Yuck, so I'm headed to bed (even though I just spent the last hour lying down with the kids! Yeah, something needs to change around her, this constant sickness thing... I'm so done with it). 

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  1. i think this 'feelings' and 'stuffing' and 'bleh' is in the air, I couldve wrote this post =-( here's to better tomorrows.