Monday, October 14, 2013

Half Way There

I hit a major landmark today, one that I have never before made it to: the half way mark.  At 168.4 pounds I have lost 43.5 pounds coming down from 211.  Now I have 43.5 pounds more to go to make it to 125.  I have now entered uncharted territory and I am very excited to finally be on the back side of this journey.  I dropped out of the obese phase and I am working my way day by day into the healthy weight range.  I have not been at a healthy weight for eight years.  Eight years ago I was 145, and that is the very peak of my healthy BMI range (which means I really should be less than that since I am a girl without a lot of muscle).  I am coming down with a new perspective on weight, and health.  Rewiring my brain to think positively about my body and about myself is ongoing and one of the single most difficult tasks that I have undertaken in this journey. 

Since I was 11 years old I have told myself that I am fat, and disgusting.  Insulting myself on a daily basis I have cultured a negative self image and low self esteem.  I have often wondered over the past few years why I have this feeling of unhappiness when everything in my life really is going well.  I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful daughters, we just bought a new home.  We do have some financial struggles but that isn't the end of the world.  There is plenty to eat (obviously or I wouldn't have this blog!) and life is going well.  I realize now, my constant stream of insults I give myself each morning as I look in the mirror is the culprit. 

To change the way I think seems almost impossible, because I can't just start complimenting myself or I will just roll my eyes and in the back of my mind is my inner critic saying "yeah right, you don't really believe that".  So I need to start out slow, making positive statements that I actually believe such as: I have more energy today than I use to, I am looking better, I can make it up and down the stairs several times without getting winded!  I can go from the basement to my bedroom without running my legs burning from the stress!  Hallelujah!

Half way there, and I have made many changes, but my journey is not over.  I am a little nervous entering this next phase, wondering if it will be harder to lose this half of the weight, but also excited because now I get to burn off the pounds that will carry me to my goal.


  1. YEAH JENNA!!!!!! Go you :) I so understand about the mean conversation you have with yourself. I read a great thing the other day about that. That little voice is the adversary. He want you to feel about you. So you say to that nasty little voice: At least I have a body! That's right, he doesn't and never will. He wants you to feel bad, but you don't have to let him. You are doing AMAZING :D

    1. Thanks Jess! I like your advice about what to say to yourself. "At least I have a body" is definitely something I can tell myself and believe! Thank you for your support :)