Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When Sickness Strikes

In some ways, being sick can actually benefit those trying to lose weight.  If you can't eat anything due to an upset stomach you are bound to decrease in mass.  On the other hand, losing two pounds of water weight in 24 hours like I did due to sickness really is not healthy weight loss.  And when your only exercise consists of your stomach muscles contracting.... well you get the idea, Not Fun!  Lets just say there are more attractive ways to lose weight.

On Saturday night, I thought I contracted a cold since my head was all stuffed up.  Poor Chloe developed a fever that night as well, so I was up several times taking care of her.  I'm sure we can blame it on the changing weather, and the chilly nights.  Fortunately the girls have space heaters in their rooms to keep them warm at night.  Unfortunately, we do not.  Not that it would matter anyway if we did since we always leave the door open at night so I can hear when the girls wake up, and I can't sleep with the heater constantly turning on and off throughout the night.  Thankfully, my husband produces enough heat burning off his various desserts to keep the bed quite toasty.  However, that does nothing for my head, which is subject to all kinds of chilly weather during the wee hours of the morning.

On Sunday, I stayed home with Chloe all day, but ate normally.  I did quite a bit of resting since I didn't feel very well myself and was quite weak.  Monday was the real kicker.  Where I thought I had a simple cold, now I am thinking I have the flu with stomach cramps that rendered it nigh impossible to even sit up.  This is when I lost all of my water weight through various and sundry methods which need not be detailed out.  Thankfully by noon my stomach stopped hurting and I could move again.  This was a blessing since I had largely been ignoring Lily, and Chloe would cry if she was not being held; so Chloe and I were lying down together on the floor and Lily had free reign of the I Pad and any movies she desired to watch.

My total food consumption for this day consisted of about 10 saltine crackers, one Honeycrisp apple, one slice of deli sliced turkey, and some applesauce For a grand total of about 9weight watchers points. (mostly due to the high point value of saltine crackers)  That is actually pretty good all things considered.

Last night an amazing event took place in our house: Chloe slept through the night!  Wahoo!  I was very surprised since she still has a fever of 100.5 this morning.  But I was able to get some much needed sleep and I feel much better this morning.

I was able to eat my oatmeal (1 1/2 cups of old fashioned oats NOT instant) and drink my milk (5 points for the oatmeal, one for the tbsp of brown sugar to flavor it, (I also put in a dash of cinnamon for flavor and since cinnamon is a fat-burning spice it just makes sense!) and then one point for half a cup of milk = 7 points for breakfast).   For lunch I ate a can of the Light Progresso Chicken and Dumpling canned soup endorsed by weight watchers since I haven't been to the grocery store yet this week and I am not feeling up to making anything.  That was 4 points.  I am supposed to make Beef and Broccoli stir fry (5 points) for dinner with biscuits (3 points per small biscuit).  But Beef and Broccoli doesn't sound too appetizing.  I will have to think up something easier on the digestion.  I might be sending Matt to the store to get something.  I will have to make sure I get to the grocery store tomorrow, we are out of everything!

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