Friday, October 18, 2013

Sugary Progress

Only 12 days left in my 30 day challenge to abstain from sugary food.  There have been some trying days this week.  I made Matt brownies earlier in the week on a day when I was not tempted to eat them.  However, the next day I found extremely difficult to stay out of them, especially when I gave a little piece to Lily wand was letting Chloe taste some as well.  When Lily did not eat all of her piece I found myself starring down at this delicious chocolatey brownie oozing with chewy goodness.  Just one little piece couldn't hurt could it?  That sweet sweet chocolate was singing my name.  Reaching deep down inside my soul and finding some long lost self control and sense of purpose I forced myself to throw the rest of her piece away (it was rather small or I would have kept it for a later day).  Reveling in my victory, I moved on with my day.

Today I had another challenge when I went over to my in-laws.  My Sister-in-Law, Emily, decided that Lily needed a cookie.  Now this wasn't a small kids size cookie, this cookie was about the size of her face! 
Emily took a picture of her and as predicted it showed up on Facebook!  

 Of course, she couldn't finish such a ridiculously sized cookie in one sitting, and of course she left it on her plate which was sitting right next to me as I was finishing my salad.  Now, salad is good (especially my salad :-)  but chocolate chip cookies are... well... chocolate chip cookies.  And of course I just had to give Chloe a piece.  Soooooo tempting to just pop a chunk of it into my mouth.  You would think that this would get easier, but sugar has a hold on me and is reluctant to let go.  However, I scored myself another victory for this week as I refrained from eating said cookie and proceeded to put the cookie in a bag for Lily to eat later (she found it during my Zumba workout, good for her!  Now I don't have to watch her eat it and I am preoccupied).

All my victories must be making me feel pretty confident because today I realized that my challenge will be over the day before Halloween.  This is a very dangerous time for me with all the candy around and I have been making such great progress that I do not want to blow all my hard work by giving in to junk candy on Halloween.  So I decided to extend my challenge by a week.  Yes, that is right.  One more week to carry me through Halloween to make sure I don't undo all of my hard work.  Then when the time comes I will decided how to introduce it back into my life slowly.  I can't banish it forever, and the only reason why I have been doing so good is because I know it is only for a little while, and I will be able to have it again.  But I need to learn control, and portion sizes.  But I don't have to think on that until November 6th.

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