Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Irony of the World

So all week I have been fighting a battle to get some exercise in.  At first I was sick, and then each time I tried, my kids would go to pieces and I would have to abandon my efforts for the day.  Today is the first time all week where my kids were both happy while I started my workout.  So where does the irony come in?  Today is also the day that my energy level is below ground, having attended to the kids 5 times last night, and bruised my tailbone yesterday going down that slide at the Pumpkin Patch with Lily (that slide was dangerous!  Matt hurt his back taking Lily on it, basically you just drop onto your butt....)  Anyway, the kids were great, so I decided to just keep exercising until they started getting cranky.  I figured that at least I am moving even if I don't have much energy to put into it and my dancing is lethargic and sloppy.  Also, squats were killer on my tailbone, because all my weight focused right in that spot.  So my squats were practically nonexistent.  I wish I could say that it got better as time went on but unfortunately that was not the case.  The good news is that I was able to do my entire workout and I figure that is better than doing nothing.

Tomorrow is my weigh in day, so I am trying to eat light today.  I had my classic oatmeal this morning and made a tuna salad sandwich for Matt for lunch along with some sweet potato fries.  I did have a few fries and half of a whole wheat tortilla wrap with tuna salad in it for lunch.  I ate a Greek yogurt for snack and we had mixed vegetables with a pasta that I pulled out of my Weight Watchers cook book for dinner. I kept my portions small.  I have been 164.5 all week and this morning I was 166.2 so I guess that I have gained back my water weight I lost earlier in the day.  I am hoping to be back to 164.5 by tomorrow since that would be so depressing to go all week at a lower weight and then weigh in at almost two pounds more the day it counts.  I will let you know tomorrow what my weigh in is!

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