Monday, March 31, 2014

Emily's Wedding

I wanted to post about Emily's wedding the other day but ran out of time Saturday and was too upset yesterday.  Today I have my game face back on and I am ready to kick it to the curb!  This week is a transition week in my weight lifting program and so it is mostly cardio.  I only have one weight training video I am doing this morning and I plan on getting as much cardio in this week as I can.  My mom has the day off of work today so I am planning on going over after lunch and we are going to play Zumba world party on the wii in the afternoon.  And now without further ado: Emily's wedding.

While Emily was busy making wedding plans and organizing the flowers, decorations, and times, I was busy working hard to fit into my dress.  I was super excited because I bought a size 10 dress!  Yea!  My smallest size to date.  In the morning I was really thinking that I was going to skip my morning workout since it is the hardest workout of the week: burn intervals, a combo weight lifting and cardio exercise.  But I powered through the hour and I am glad that I was able to finish.  I totally collapsed during the burpees though!  NOT my favorite exercise.  Here is my victory picture, can you tell I'm exhausted?!  No energy for fun poses ;-)

After exercising it was getting ready to go (the girls were flower girls so I had to get them all fixed up too).  The wedding was at the Temple and was at 1:00.  Not the best time for the kids since it is right through lunch but I just fed them snacks the whole time and they did fine.  It was great going to the Temple and letting the kids run around the fountain and smell the flowers.  Lily loved going to see the Temple and kept saying "Look it's an angel!"  I don't have the professional photos yet you you get the candid shots Matt took.
After the ceremony we took pictures outside and let the kids run around some more.

My dress fit almost perfectly!  (cleaned up pretty nice from the picture above haha).  I love the dresses for the girls.  Emily had everyone pick out their own dresses which was nice but also a little bit stressful trying to find green dresses after Christmas!  I wish I could post some more pictures of the family photos, but I don't have those yet so we will just have to skip on over to the reception.

There is Emily holding Chloe, and of course yours truly.  By the time the reception started at 6:30 the kids were rapidly deteriorating but we were able to keep them occupied for a while with the food and with dancing.  Lily doesn't like loud places and there were tons of people at the reception (as one would expect) and it was a little loud for her but I was proud of her for doing so well for so long.

 Chloe was great too.  She loves to bump heads with her Grandpa.  That is my father in law/ Emily's Dad and Chloe always has a smile for him.  Lily is a bit shy around Grandpa so he loves giving Chloe lots of attention. 

Here is a more formal picture of the three of us.  I think I was messing with my hair right before this was taken that is why my arm is up in a funky position.

All in all it was a great day, although exhausting for everyone.  We left the reception early, around 8:00 because the kids were spent.  Both of them fell asleep in the car within about five minutes!

As a last picture I thought it would be interesting to compare pictures of me at my sister's wedding last July to me at my sister in laws wedding last Saturday!  I wore a size 12 dress to my sister's wedding which was too small for me.  I really needed a size 14 since I didn't lose as much as I thought I could.  Bad Idea to buy a dress two-three sizes too small for me!

My hair is totally messed up from the wind in the picture on the right!  A little too wispy.  anyway, here is a full body shot:

You can read about my sister's wedding last July and see some more pictures HERE

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