Friday, August 1, 2014

Up the Mountain

This morning was a whirlwind to get the family fed and to get everyone out the door.  Lily was super excited to go on the train today.  We arrived at the cog train that goes up Pikes Peak at about 8:30 and walked up the incline just a little bit, to let the kids get some wiggles out before the hour and fifteen minute ride up to the top of the mountain.  Chloe was all over the place on the way up and was starting to fall to pieces about half way into the trip, and Lily was starting to lose it too.  I'm not sure what was up with them, but I couldn't get them to look out the window or anything. Once we got to tree line we had to pull over to let another train pass and we were able to stand up and I was able to get Lily to stand on the seat and look out the window, after that she was Golden!  Of course we were only about 15 minutes from the top at that point.  But I am just glad that she calmed down.  Chloe also calmed down and was content to sit in my lap facing me, I think she was getting tired.  She mostly just takes one nap a day now, but sometimes she still gets really tired at about 10:30 and that is right around the time that she started to lose it.  Up at the top it was super foggy.  Matt has never been to the top of Pikes Peak before so he was super bummed that it was foggy up there, we couldn't see 100 feet in front of us, so no views for us at the top today.  I've been up there before but it was a long time ago. 

Chloe fell asleep on the way down, and Lily was content to look out the window.  When we arrived back home, Chloe wanted nothing to do with sleep and the kitchen was a mess.  So I made some lunch and put a movie on for the kids.  They have been really into blues clues and veggie tales lately, so I then spent the entire time they were watching tv cleaning the kitchen and living room.

Today was also the first day of my new challenge, and who messes up on the first day of a new challenge?  The first day is the easiest!  (note: it's the first day of a new challenge that is easy, not the first day coming back to the same challenge after splurging, THAT is when it gets hard for me on the first day).  Anyway, I ate about 1730 calories, and I did the Fire 40 workout from Turbo Fire.  I felt like I ate a lot of food today, and I tracked everything in MFP.  I think that is one of the big problems I have been having is that when I have my "on plan" days I don't eat enough, so I get hungry and deprived after about a week and then I just go of the deep end.  I really want to find a more sustainable, and healthier way to live through this challenge, really find what works for me and just get it right so that I am not feeling like I am starving myself, and not feeling deprived.  I ate a few crackers today and that was okay because I tracked them.  I have to get these "off limits items" idea out of my head.  Hopefully I can find a groove over the next three months and go with it.

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  1. Hey, I should have started this challenge with you even though I don't have the fire 40 workout. Yesterday i did try to stay in my calorie range with MFP but I ended up going over by 18 calories. Today I did even better I had 125 calories left and I have had a terrible cold and decided I needed Moose Track ice cream to make me feel better. I did not just eat one bowl but two with two handful of pringles chips. Oh I forgot I ate around 8 fish sticks and 1 mozzarella stick. Now I feel guilty, fat and like I don't have any self control! I hate having a cold and no will power to go along with it. I am so glad you made it through the first day. Rooting for you!!