Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

Halloween takes on a different color when you know you will not be eating any candy or desserts.  Especially candy.  In the morning I took the girls to a meetup that my meetup group organized at the Library.  Lily had a wonderful time running around the room with the other kids dressed up as Tinkerbell, and Chloe crawled around trying her hardest to snitch popcorn off the floor and grab treats from the unsuspecting children.  The adults brought candy for the kids so we could do a mock trick or treat activity.  Lily brought her purse into the Library and used that as her bag.  All the other adults thought it was super cute, and lets face it... it was!  I focused on meeting new people and eating the healthy snacks.  Someone brought carrots and hummus, which was a winner for me!  There was also Pizza cut into little pieces and I had a few pieces since pizza is not something that is off limits at the moment.  Saying away from the cookies, banana bread, pumpkin dip and various other desserts was actually pretty easy this time around, I guess all the desserts roaming around my house are building up my resistance.  I'm getting desensitized, or so I hope.  Here is a super cute picture of the kids at the meetup.  It looks like Lily is choking Chloe, but I promise she isn't!

Lily loved trick or treating tonight, even though it was pretty chilly out tonight.  It could have been worse though, I've been out when it is sub 0 during my childhood.  Lily must have been tired since she didn't take a nap and had already been out this morning because she just rode in the stroller from house to house and didn't say Trick or Treat at all, but I could tell she was still excited to be out since she would get upset when we passed houses that were dark. 

There were a lot of dark houses this year and not very many trick or treaters out.  I am glad I only spend $5 on my Halloween candy to give out to trick or treaters.  Chloe was dressed up as Pooh bear wearing a bumble bee costume (picture below) which was great because it was a warm costume.  Lily got a little too cold, so it was a good thing our loop was small.  Be that as it may, Lily still got plenty of candy and once we got home I said "It's a good thing I extended my 30 day challenge otherwise I would be pigging out on Lily's candy right now!"  (Or I would have taken a bag for Chloe to get some candy of my own!) 

I sorted through Lily's candy and put all the inedible candy into our trick or treater candy bowl hahaha, is that cruel?  Must not have been too cruel because most of it was taken before the suckers that I bought were.  That is good since Lily likes those little dum dums and I can bribe her to do stuff with them.  So now I have a good stash of bribing candy and on Monday the potty training will recommence!  So not looking forward to it.  One more week of my challenge to go.
We took about 6 photos and that was the best one.

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  1. Hey lady! Just wanted you to know that you look amazing :)