Monday, August 4, 2014

New measurements

Yesterday I stuck to my calorie goal, and was very proud of myself.  Actually, since I was focusing on it and made sure to get all of my water in, it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.  Hopefully I can remember that when the urge to splurge comes on.  I think making sure to get in 1750 calories a day is really going to help.

Yesterday I took my measurements again, it's been about six weeks since the last time I took measurements, and I lost a total of 1 1/4 inches, which is pretty good when I consider how terrible I ate over the past six weeks.  I was really yo yo eating pretty badly, eating good for about 4-5 days and then blowing it for 3-4 days.  Terrible.  Which is why I need this challenge!
Anyway, here are my measurements
                      before              now              change
waist              32 3/4            32 1/2              - 1/4
hips                38 1/2            38 1/2                 0
Abductors      39 3/4             39 3/4                 0
chest              34 3/4            34                    -3/4
R. Arm           10 3/4            10 3/4                 0
L. Arm           11                   11                      0         
R. Thigh         20 3/4             20 1/2              - 1/4
L Thigh         20 1/2             20 1/2                  0   
weight           144.2              143.2                 -1

So I am using these as my starting stats, except for my weight, the number there is the lowest weight I attained over the past 6 weeks, my starting weight as of yesterday is 146.  I am sure that I will hit 144 in a few days since I'm still recovering from the terrible week I had last week.  It is really emotionally and mentally draining to have to spend 4-5 days getting back to where I was before eating everything in my house for three days.  Tuesday was the worst, I ate all the cookies, all the brownies, popped some popcorn, pretzel crisps, and who knows what else I have forgotten about.  Well No more!  I am completely committed to this and next month I am excited to see what my measurements will be (since I won't have a weight to report)  My scale is not in the basement behind the computer desk where I won't be tempted to use it.  This part is going start killing me in about one week, I know myself, I have a need to know what my weight is and it is going to drive me crazy but it is very important that I don't weigh myself because of how badly it affects my mood.  

Today went well, although I felt hungry all afternoon.  I started getting hungry around 2:00 and I was over at my parents letting the kids run through the sprinklers and jump on the trampoline.  They didn't have a lot of choices, but I was feeling tired so I thought I needed some carbs for energy, so I ate half a bagel and that seemed to help but I was hungry again shortly thereafter.  Needless to say, I drank a lot of water.

So I stumbled across some old sticky notes from when I "heart attacked" my husband several years ago before we got married and I haven't used them since.  I thought they would be perfect for my countdown since they are cute and I'm not using them for anything else.  I have them on my nightstand and since they are heart shaped I figured that could represent how I have poured my heart and soul into this challenge. (totally hokey I know) but if I am going to get to my goal I am going to need all the inspiration, motivation, and reminders that need. 
I think it will be exciting counting backwards instead of counting forwards.  Look I'm already on 89!  Ha!  Also, every 10 days is going to be exciting because I get to write a new number in the front mwahahah.  Yes, small things amuse me. 

To add to the list of things I am learning.  I have learned that I need to make sure I always have good foods in the house.  It is when all my food that I regularly eat is gone that I start eating junk.  So eventhough I didn't need to go buy food for the week yet, we were all out of fruits, so I made sure to make a fruit run today.  Don't let your supplies run out!

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