Friday, August 15, 2014

Two Week update

Two weeks into my challenge and the newness has faded.  Entering the dreaded week three.  Motivation and excitement from starting something new has faded and now we enter into the grueling task of working my way through the next 11 weeks.  I will get a little motivational boost in about two and a half more weeks when I get to take my new measurements and see if this is actually working.  That is one of the mentally hardest things for me is that I just have to trust that I am doing things right.  I am eating well, staying within my calories, and I haven't splurged once.  I am working out and being as active as I can be, and I am dying to step on the scale or get some verification that what I am doing is working.  But I am only two weeks in and results never come fast enough.  Deep breath, I know that if I stay the course it has to work.  I have never before gone so long with out splurging on something, and if I can make it all 13 weeks I know that something amazing has to happen.  I just have to stick it out and see. 

Reflecting on last week, it seemed last week was harder than the first week.  I was still pretty motivated and excited since the whole challenge was still pretty new.  It was difficult to take Pippin on a walk every single day, and there was one day when I almost missed it because I was pretty short on time, but I managed to squeeze in a short walk.  I was able to have some fun times with the kids, we walked to a park that was a little further away than the one we usually go to, packed some snacks and everyone had a good time.  Lily walked the whole way there, Chloe sat in the stroller holding onto Pippin's leash, and everyone played at the park.  Pippin was a nuisance once we got there because he kept getting in the way, getting tangled up and whined all the time, but I am glad he was getting the exercise.  We did really good every other day.  It seemed like one day the kids were great, Pippin was doing great and we had a good time, and the next the kids would be fighting over who got to hold Pippin's leash and Lily would be in and out of the stroller and Chloe would be fussing the whole time.  I think that going out every day was just too much for the kids because they would be tired from the day before.  So at most I would like to get Pippin walked about every other day. 

In other news, we harvested our first crop of green beans today!
That is what is left after we ate a bunch of them
And Lily discovered how to jump and splash into the pool and she had a blast.  I had to watch her almost the whole time, she was so excited about it.
I'm feeling better today than I was yesterday.  Yesterday was a hard day, we didn't go anywhere yesterday and I was pretty hungry in the afternoon since I used a bunch of my calories for breakfast.  I made banana quinoa waffles for breakfast, and I just realized that I don't have that recipe on my blog!  For shame!  I will have to post that one soon.  I also made an amazing dinner two nights ago which was Angel Hair Pasta with chicken and peppers with cranberry lemon Brussels sprouts on the side so you can expect that to be coming soon too. 

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