Monday, August 25, 2014

Updates and looking forward

Sorry about not posting last week, I think it has been a whole week since I posted!  Thank you for checking in on me :-)  I'm not used to having readers so in the past when I haven't posted for a week or so I never really thought about it.  But yes I am still working towards my goals and I have been meaning to post and I have plans but never got around to it.  I was feeling pretty crummy last week.  I felt very tired all week, the kids had been sick and I think my body was fighting off sicknesses making me generally more tired than normal.  So I felt lethargic and all muddle brained.  I did very well with my eating until Thursday night when I decided that popcorn was on the menu for dinner.  Matt has class this semester on Tuesday nights and Thursday nights so I usually don't formally make anything.  I don't know about you but when Matt isn't home I am just not motivated to make a formal dinner.  The only one who will eat it is me, Lily is a nightmare to get to eat her dinner and Chloe has been throwing her food on the floor at an alarmingly increasing rate. (I hate this phase).  So popcorn it was, and I probably ate close to a whole cup of unpopped kernels- I have no idea how much that translates into popped kernels. Of course the kids helped out but I really don't know how much they ate.  Friday I was back on track until I went to the Harry Potter party that several girls in our church host every year. (Yes I am a nerd.  I Absolutely Love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and all things Fantasy related).  When you are faced with a whole table of chocolate frogs, treacle fudge, tong tong toffee, chocolate cauldrons and the like.... well it is only once a year.  I ate two plates of desserts and they were all delicious.  I suppose I should have taken a few pictures at the party but I tend to forget to do those types of things.

Saturday was super busy,we left early in the morning and came back late.  We spent the whole day up at my in laws house and I got in a ton of exercise on Saturday! Of course I ate a lot to make up for all the exercise I was getting so I probably broke even.  It's harder to control my eating at my in laws than at my parents house.  I think it is because I feel more comfortable rummaging through my parent's refrigerator looking for healthy food than through my in laws refrigerator.  Also my in laws are always drowning in chips and so of course, those are readily available and that is what I tend to munch on.  Also my inl aws eat dinner around 7pm and I am used to eating around 5:30 so by the time dinner rolls around I am famished and stuff myself.  One thing I have learned is not to let myself get too hungry because it's when I get really hungry that I start to dangerously overeat since I can't control myself.  When we arrived I put on Turbo Fire and blasted through Fire 45 even though everyone was watching me.  Matt's Dad said that he wanted to do it with me next time and that it looked like  a lot of fun.  He is really into Jujitsu so Turbo Fire is right up his alley.  After that we went on a hike and Matt's parents came too!
They live in a very beautiful area, and the hike had tons of vegetation on it, which was surprising for this time of year.  We have had a very wet summer, which has been great for keeping it cool, (I hate it when it gets into the 90s, I would never do well in Arizona or Nevada, or any other hot place).  Lily had a blast, she is such a great hiker.  Afterwards we went an swam in the pool for a little over an hour.  Lily went down their waterslide and freaked herself out.  It is a very fast waterslide and it is almost impossible to catch her when she comes out without decapitating yourself so she of course goes under the water before we can pull her back up, and she does not like going under the water (she can't swim yet) but she has to go down once a year.  She has gone down three times now and every time she freaks out and then stays away from it for a while.  He has that thrill seeking personality though, I think that is why she keeps going back to it.  We let Chloe go down the very bottom part so I could catch her when she came off and she loved that.  And then there was dinner.  I made a healthy chicken soup, and Matt's mom made a very unhealthy chicken enchilada with a taco ring, which I ate lots of, and I had made the white chocolate blondies from my favorite healthy baking site They were incredibly sweet though, sweeter than I thought they would be but I still managed to eat two servings.

Sunday came around and I usually post on Sundays but yesterday I was really busy. I spent the whole morning preparing for my lesson and taking care of the kids since Matt had a meeting he had to go to in the morning.  The kids played outside in the backyard and decided that Chichi our cat needed to go outside too.  We have been letting her out more often since she loves being outside.  We were afraid at first that she would jump the fence and run away, but she hasn't shown any interest in doing that and mostly just finds a sunny spot and lies down.
We came home from church at 4 and I proceeded to spend the next three hours in the kitchen making dinner and cleaning it up.  It was a disaster from me not cleaning it for a few days since I hadn't felt very good and of course Saturday there was just no time.  And then my mom called and I ended up talking to her until 8:30 at night (much to Matt's dismay since that meant Lily got to bed an hour late).  Mom wanted to talk to me about the symptoms of being gluten intolerant.  My mom is allergic to gluten and so is her sister, my Aunt, and also her mom, my Grandma, so I am at a high risk of developing an intolerance to it (all three cases didn't discover they were intolerant/allergic until they were older) and if I caught it now then later on it wouldn't be so bad if I got a hold of some gluten.  Mom can't eat any gluten now or it makes her really sick.  I eat gluten all the time, so I've decided that I need to do a two week trial to assess if I am sensitive to gluten right now or not.  I have some of the symptoms but not all.  But that could just be because of something else, you never know.  And the only way to know is to go off gluten for at least two weeks and then reintroduce it and see how it makes you feel.  So I have that test coming up I will be doing in the near future and I'll talk about the symptoms in a different post, I think this one has gotten long enough! 

In conclusion I have made an important decision about my challenge.  I have decided to weigh myself on Sunday.  That will be one whole month from the start of the challenge and I want to make sure that I am making progress and going in the right direction.  If not then I can change what I need to for the next month.  I am hoping to be 140, but we will see where I have landed.  This is giving me lots of motivation to kick my bad eating over the past few days (I wouldn't say that I binged at any given time which is good, just overate.  Which is better than binging in my book.)  and get back on track!  So the rest of the week I am planning on eating really well and getting all my workouts in.  I'm feeling better and I want to have a great weigh in on Sunday. *fingers crossed*

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  1. I could not have made it as long as you without weighing. I am so glad you are so committed and keeping my fingers crossed that you are at 140 also!