Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hives and a weigh in

Still in the storm here, but I think we are approaching the end.  Chloe's fever finally broke yesterday and today she seems to be in a much better mood.  She still went down for a nap pretty early and easily, around 11:45.  Lily woke up this morning with a fever of 102.2 and by 9:00 it was 101.5.  So going down a little but not much.  Lily was holding out that we would leave for the Ranch today if she felt better so this morning when she woke up at 5am she crawled into our bed and said "I'm all better" as she is shaking and moaning.  I got her to go back to sleep until 7am thank goodness but she still refused to take any medicine because if she did that would mean she was still sick and we couldn't go to the ranch.  Around 10am she finally consented that she was still sick and took some medicine and said it was okay to not go to the ranch as long as we went to grandma and grandpa's house tomorrow and played in the pool.  I have my fingers crossed that her fever will be gone by tomorrow morning.  I think she is about 36 hours behind Chloe so her fever will hopefully break by tonight. 

Yesterday I had a huge scare when Lily woke up and her whole lower back and legs were red, swollen and had huge white looking blisters all over.  I about had a panic attack.  Fortunately Matt was home and took one look at it and said they were hives.  I sent a picture to my mom and she confirmed they were hives.  I gave her some Claritin kids allergy medicine and they went away within about 2 hours, thank goodness, leaving behind red and slightly inflamed skin.  They were so bad she had to take her underwear and pants off because the lines were rubbing against the hives.  Later she took an oatmeal bath which she thought was the best thing in the world.  Chloe didn't get hives so I have no idea why Lily broke out.  Nothing has changed in her environment and she has been inside the past three days so I don't know what she would have gotten into.  Mom thinks it might be because Lily has more sensitive skin and her body just reacted to having such a prolonged high fever.  I do have some pictures of Lily's hives but I feel awkward putting them up here so I just got a picture from Google.

It looked like that all over her lower body, my poor girl. 

Lily is sleeping now, she fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie.  Definitely still not feeling good.  I haven't been able to get her to take a nap since she was 2 years old and she has taken four naps since she got sick AND gone to bed at her normal bed time AND has woken up an hour later than usual.  Totally not normal behavior.  Usually if she takes a nap she is up until 10pm.  Well I hope that this is going to be over with soon.

In other news I weighed in yesterday and I am down to 151, meaning I lost one pound last week.  At first I was inclined to be discouraged until I started to think about how hard I am working.  I know I have been really sore several days over the past week, so I am sure I am building some muscle, also I have been eating a fair amount every day to keep my energy levels up so I can continue to exercise like I do (around 1800 calories a day) and losing 1 pound while eating 1800 calories a day is fine with me.  Also I know that it isn't an artificial number.  Sometimes when I lose weight the scale will drop several pounds and I will freak out because I feel like if I eat one thing or get off track even in the slightest that the scale will jump back up.  I don't have to worry about that here because I already have been eating a fair amount and I know the scale isn't going to do anything crazy if I have a dessert. 

Yesterday was by far the hardest day with the kids being sick.  Although Chloe's fever broke she was still obviously not well.  Cranky, clingy, sleepy, wouldn't eat.  And then the whole thing with the hives!  I was doing well until about 3pm which is when the hives hit.  Then I started snacking on the kids goldfish, and then I ate some beef jerky.  I had a healthy dinner of salmon with veggies and a little bit of rice.  After the kids were in bed I had one bowl of ice cream, and made sure to keep it at one bowl.  I felt I deserved it.  I stopped tracking after lunch when I started snacking.  I know I was over yesterday but I didn't go crazy overboard.  I didn't get in a workout yesterday which is what made staying within calories so difficult.  Still, I am not upset, and I am just focused on making today better.  Since it's Sunday it is another day of no exercise.  I have 450 calories remaining for the day and I intend to stay under my calorie goal.  I know that if I do well with my eating the rest of the week I will be just fine. 

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