Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

I woke up Saturday feeling exhausted and sick.  Matt wanted to watch Avatar and we didn't get to bed until 11pm and then I couldn't fall asleep until 1am.  Whenever we watch a movie late at night I just can't fall asleep.  So I got a grand total of 5 hours of sleep Friday night.  Combined with the poor sleep I have been getting all week thanks to Chloe, I did not feel well.  I felt most of the day feeling sick to my stomach and lightly depressed.  The weather has been really weird here too.  It's been raining like crazy all week and Saturday was no exception.  We were rained on in the morning, and then we decided to cancel my Pampered Chef show due to the weather since it was flooding all over and it was supposed to rain/hail/sleet/snow all afternoon.  I took a two hour nap in the afternoon with Chloe, it was much needed.  Matt was planning on watching the kids during that time anyway so it was nice to get some much needed sleep.  Due to the weather we canceled our dinner plans which I was super bummed about, but I felt so sick I skipped dinner anyway so it's probably just as well.  I only ate 1,000 calories on Saturday which is unusual for me even if I am sick.  I usually eat my weight in saltine crackers when my stomach is upset, but on Saturday all I wanted to do was sleep.  I did have some Chamomile tea in the evening which seemed to help.  Saturday was also my weigh in day which ended up being the highlight of my day.  I was 153.2.  Down from 158.4 the previous week.  I know a few pounds of that higher number was because I had binged on cookies the night before, but I had been hanging out around 156, 155 for about 3 weeks so I am happy with 153.2.  Even if you take my weight from the beginning of April which is 154 I'm still down a pound.  So like I said, very pleased.  I ate well all week, did all my workouts, and I hope against hope that I can stay on track for the remaining 11 weeks and drop some weight so I don't feel so foolish come race day.  Overweight and Triathlon just don't mix nicely in my head.  When you think of triathlon runners I definitely don't think of overweight people, but when I signed up there was a category for women who were over 165 pounds which I thought was interesting.  So I guess just like other races, there are overweight people who are interested in doing those events.  But not me!  That is not what I want my race to look like.  I would love to finish in the middle of the pack, which would be a miracle.  Even in high school cross country I was one of the last people to cross the finish line. 

Saturday night was rough.  Chloe was feeling really sick, probably with the exact same thing I had and she woke up screaming several times and I was terrified that she had thrown up.  Fortunately she hadn't and I just rocked her back to sleep, after looking at my fitbit the next day I clocked 5 hours and 45 minutes of sleep.  I felt mildly better in the morning, but not much.  The morning proved to be pretty stressful trying to get the kids ready for church, along with myself, and get out the door on time.  I also had to finish preparing my lesson since you know I didn't do anything yesterday I was way too sick.  After church I was feeling less stressed and managed to get the family fed and Matt helped me clean the kitchen which was overflowing from me not doing the dishes yesterday.  Matt bought me a cherry tomato plant for mother's day.  (I love cherry tomatoes) and the kids bought me some Petunia's from Costco.  That was sweet of them. 

My Tomato plant and petunias

After cleaning the kitchen we packed everyone up and headed over to my grandparent's house where my whole family was meeting for dinner.  I still wasn't feeling well so I didn't eat much.  Just some of the fresh fruit they had out, one small steak, and one finger potato.  They even had sparkling grape juice which I usually down by the bottle but I didn't even finish my glass which was probably just half a cup.  I had one bite of cheesecake and knew I didn't want anything else.  It didn't even taste very good and I wonder if that is just because I'm not feeling well.  Strange though, usually sweets still taste good even when I'm not feeling well.  Several times when I've been sick I've caused myself to throw up because I ate something sweet that really aggravated my stomach.... maybe I've finally learned my lesson.  I finished today around 1500 calories which is really great for a Sunday.  I'm hoping the kids sleep tonight and I can get some good sleep in tomorrow and fell better.  I don't want to miss any days of training and besides that Zumba toning is tomorrow and I don't want to miss that. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's who read my blog!

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  1. Happy Mother's day to you! I am sorry you have not felt well today. Great gifts.