Monday, May 4, 2015

Moving Forward

Saturday night Chloe woke up at 11pm having thrown up everywhere.  I spent the next three hours with her cleaning up and getting her back to bed.  She only threw up one more time thankfully but it took a while to get her back to sleep.  After that something startled me at 3:30am and I rushed to Chloe's room only to find her sleeping... It was probably the cat.  Then Lily woke up at 4:30am because she had a bad dream where her teacher at the gym took her paper and wouldn't give it back.  Needless to say Sunday morning I was pretty tired.  I decided to stay home from church while Matt took Lily to church.  Chloe and I watched Veggie Tales Jonah, and we played with some new special Sunday toys I bought for the kids so that they have something exciting to look forward to instead of thinking "I can't do anything on Sunday" now they have some special toys and activities and games they can play.  Chloe absolutely loved the fishing game.

Chloe did really well with the puzzle and catching the fish even though the toy was labeled for 3+ Chloe did just fine with it (2 and 4 months).  She was even able to put most of the pieces back by herself.  The squid gave her some problems as she kept trying to put it in upside down.  Lily had a bug catcher one and the pieces are much more similar in shape and that was too hard for Chloe, but Lily was a pro.
I had to do a lot of cleaning Sunday morning.  I had to finish Chloe's laundry from last night, and do all of our laundry which was overflowing out of the basket, and the kitchen floors were much too dirty.  I just swept and passed on the mopping for now.  I had to rearrange the floor of the pantry and clean all the dirt and dropped flour and rice out of the bottom.  We have some mice nesting in the basement and we just cleaned all that up Saturday which was really gross.  They got into our Christmas stockings and pooped all over the cross stitched stockings which I am really pissed about.  I have to find some way to clean the stains off without ruining the threads.  We caught one mouse but the others just keep eating the peanut butter off the mouse traps without setting them off. 

Anyway, I tried very hard to stay on track Sunday.  I didn't have an official workout so I really wanted to keep my food on the light side.  Even though I went into the settings and said don't track steps in MFP it is still giving me activity calories with my fitbit, but just not tracking steps.  Blast!  I will have to figure out how to get it to stop doing that.  It just throws me off and I'm left wondering if I should or should not be eating those calories.  It gave me an extra 445 calories from my housework in the morning and throughout the day, but I just deleted them.  I had a hard time staying out of the snack food because all Chloe ate that day was goldfish and saltine crackers.  Thankfully she didn't throw up again.  I did get into the crackers a little bit and by the end of the day I was 45 calories over my goal of 1450, which makes it the best Sunday I have had in probably years.  I had to fight the urge to eat the cookies.  I was trying to rationalize it by saying that having just one or two would be fine and then when I saw the activity calories from my fitbit it was harder to resist, but I have to stop making excuses.  When I am maintaining and happy with my weight then I can eat one or two cookies but if I want to lose weight, those two cookies will probably prevent me from losing weight and lets be honest, with my history two cookies usually turns into five. 

Today is day three of triathlon training, yesterday being a rest day, and on the schedule is a 20 minute easy beginner bike ride.  Matt is going to be gone and super busy all week so I can't just leave him with the kids for 20 minutes to hop on my bike even if he is home.  He is taking his comprehensive final exam for grad school Thursday and Friday so I'm trying to give him space, peace and quiet.  Last night he said he was going to be studying and working on his final paper and asked if we could "make ourselves scarce".  I chuckled to myself and said we could leave by 9:15.  That gets me to the gym at 9:30 and I have two and a half hours of daycare meaning I have to pick up the kids by noon.  The class I wanted to go to was at 10:45 (Zumba Toning) so I could do my easy 20 minute bike ride and then go to class after that (with a bit of a gap in between the two but I'm not going to complain) and then still have time to shower after that.  I wore my HRM so I could put an accurate calorie count into MFP.
Easy Biking (20 min) 170
Zumba Toning (55 minutes) 470

My first time on the bike went pretty well I thought. I aimed to keep my heart rate around 145 since I didn't really have any other guidelines.  I was on a stationary bike at the gym.  I brought a Zone protein bar to eat in between the two "events". 

 I was surprised at how my legs felt like jelly after only twenty minutes of supposedly easy biking.  My body is definitely not used to biking!  Which is good. I'm switching up my routine and making my body do something it's not use to.  Maybe I will see some results.  Zumba toning was fun, I haven't been in a long time.  I've been having a hard time figuring out what to do for lunch lately.  It just seems like I don't want to eat anything for lunch and then I end up starving by 1pm and eat junky.  Today we went to Noodles and Co because the girls were being so good and Chloe has been rocking the potty training.  She is fully potty trained now and it only took three days.  I ordered a large Pad Thai at the restaurant which is 800 calories but I figured I would need the energy since I still had to go to Costco, and then put everything away, and get through the rest of the day without dying.   The carbs would help my energy levels and they did!  Even after exercising I was able to make it through the shopping trip, put everything away and rearrange the play room upstairs because I bought a new table for the kids!

That picture is in our living room, before I put it upstairs.  For a snack I ate the remaining 5 strawberries that were in the fridge to make room for the new strawberries I bought, munched some baby carrots which tasted surprisingly sweet, and ate the last few bites of Chloe's avocado. (probably the equivalent of 1/8 an Avocado.  For dinner we finished off the Tilapia in the freezer and I made some Quinoa and frozen mixed vegetables to go with it.  I ended the day at 1,864 calories with a remaining 256 from exercise which I chose not to eat.  I wasn't hungry after dinner and the only thing I would have eaten would be cookies.  I decided that my treat today was eating out and that I didn't need another treat. 

I think I might be on a roll, this is the farthest I've gotten in a long time.

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