Friday, May 8, 2015

Something Changed in my Head

Yesterday went well as far as eating goes.  I stayed home from the gym to give the kids a break and so I tried my best to stay within my calorie range.  Matt wanted to go out to eat for lunch, and fortunately he wanted to go get Korean food and there is a whole host of healthy food choices.  I ordered a soup called Doenjang Jjigae which is this fermented bean soup with vegetables which sounds gross when I write it down but I actually really like it.  It is super flavorful like a lot of Korean food.  Koreans flavor their food with spice instead of fats and oils like in American culture so their food is in general a lot healthier.  I stayed away from the rice that came with my soup, that is where Korean food will get you, rice comes with everything and you always get about a cup of rice with every meal (unless you are ordering a meal made out of rice).  At 242 calories per cup rice will really add up fast if you are eating three cups per day (yes, they eat rice with breakfast too).  Anyway, the soup looks like this:
MFP has one bowl of the soup at 211 calories.  Not bad for eating out!  I did have some of the "side dishes" which are all basically a variety of vegetables cooked and seasoned in various ways.  Also Matt ordered this Kimchi pancake thing which I know what really high in calories but I only had a few bites so I tracked half a cup of rice to make up for that.  Usually I eat at least half of the buchimgae, but since Matt wanted it and I was really trying to not go over today, I mostly stayed out of it.  I was still satisfied when I was finished eating, but not stuffed so I was proud of myself.  The buchimgae looks like this:
Even though I didn't workout yesterday I tried to stay fairly active throughout the day.  I swept and mopped the kitchen floors, which quickly became dirty again as it's been raining like crazy this week and the kids are tracking in dirt and mud more than usual.  After the floors we all went out into the backyard and I worked on weeding the walkway some more.  Chloe fell asleep around 12:30 and slept for three hours so Lily and I were able to do lots of fun activities together.  We painted, finished up her PreK workbook that I found in the dollar section at the store, did her reading lesson and our favorite made fruit kabobs!
That bottom one is Lily holding up her workbook, it's the back side that says "I Did It!" 

I ended the day with 22 calories to spare and ate 1458 calories.  I haven't had any desserts in a week and it hasn't even felt hard.  I have had a great week and I have been really motivated.  I was talking to my friend today and I thought I would write down some of the things I mentioned since it has to do with me getting out of my "old" mindset and into a brand new mindset .

My friend was lamenting how she has been off track for so long and that her eating has been out of control.  I said Sign up for a triathlon and then become so terrified of not finishing or coming in last that you freak yourself out into being good.  That's what happened to me, my training started last Saturday and I've been good with my eating ever since.  Mostly because I do not want to be the fattest one at the race, and I don't want to come in so far behind everyone else that they are cleaning up the course before I finish.  That is an embarrassment I plan on avoiding at all costs.  Once I started training something changed in my head.  I just had an intense desire to eat right and get into better shape.  To eat so that all my training can actually change my body instead of working out so much and just getting pudgier from overeating.  I set my calories at 1480 (about 1 pound loss per week) and allow myself to eat all my exercise calories and I wear my HRM to calculate how much I burn.  I eat a post workout snack about 30 minutes after my workout (basically after my shower) and that has been really helping to keep up my energy and prevent me from starving by the time I get home to eat lunch. 

I don't know if I will be able to blog again until Monday so I hope you all have a great weekend!  Weigh in day is tomorrow so maybe I will try to get in a quick post in the morning. 

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