Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Strong

The biggest challenge on Sundays is staying within my calories.  I never exercise on Sundays and as a rest day, I am usually sitting most of the day and it is also the day that I usually bake.  Fortunately I didn't have to bake anything today as we have a bunch of homemade empanadas that a member of our church made as a part of a fundraiser for her boys summer camps, and we still have cookies left over.  However, that did mean there was a lot of sweet things to eat in the house that I had to stay out of.

The afternoon was the hardest time of the day for me.  I really wanted to snack from 3-4, but I put all my food into MFP and decided to stick with it.  I drank 6 8oz glasses of water and chewed some gum.  I certainly needed the water because I hadn't had any to drink yet today and it helped.  I am so bad at getting my water in.  I try.  I ended the day with 31 calories to spare for a total of 1449 consumed.  I'm not sure it was the healthiest day but I am happy with my triumph of staying within my calories.  This morning I ate oatmeal with strawberries for breakfast.  I brought a Kashi bar to church for a snack.  I love the dark chocolate with chia seeds Kashi bars.  For lunch I ate three home made tamales (from that same fundraiser we got the empanadas from).  That is probably where I could have had the most improvement.  It would have been better to eat only two tamales and then eat a bunch of vegetables with some fruit, but that didn't happen.  For dinner I made this thing called Szechuan shrimp which was basically a cold shrimp and vegetable and noodle dish.  One serving took up all the remainder of my calories for the day so I didn't make any sides.  I figured the dish had veggies, meat, and carbs in it so it was complete right?  Actually I was just making excuses to get out of more cooking.

The evening was another difficult time for me.  I was just feeling more hungry than usual today.  Maybe it's because my stomach finally feels better.  It's the first night I haven't felt sick in the evening in almost two weeks.  I drank some more water, made some tea and chewed some gum, determined not to eat any more.  I was not starving, and I don't feel deprived, just like I want to sit down and eat something not too healthy.  For instance those empanadas I didn't eat sound really good, also chips, cookies, pretzels, crackers, all the junk food.  But I don't want to eat broccoli, or any other vegetable.  So that tells me I'm not really hungry or in need of nourishment, I just want to snack.  And that is precisely the habit I want to quit and I am proud of myself for not giving in today and for staying on track. 
I didn't have a picture for today so I just posted a pic of my food log.  Aren't you so proud of me :-D

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day so I probably won't post, and then I am going to Zumba Tuesday night so I am not sure about that either.  If you don't hear from me until Wednesday you know why.  Hopefully I will have some good stories to tell by then. :-)

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