Friday, September 25, 2015

Feelin Better

Despite being super sore last night and tossing and turning all night because of it, I am doing much better today.  I'm feeling good, and I'm remarkably not all that sore today.  I thought I was going to be in for a rough day since my legs were so sore yesterday.  But this morning I hardly had any soreness.  However Lily woke up sick.  I cant believe she is sick again!  She has had a mild cough for the past week and a half and I've been giving her the Emergen-c hoping she won't get worse but she had a mild fever this morning and came into my room crying and saying her mouth hurt.  I gave her some Ibuprofen and she is doing pretty good now.  I hope this is just a mild sickness and doesn't turn into anything sinister.  She just got over croup three weeks ago! 

In other news I decided to check my weight today and see how my deflating progress is going.  I was 147.6!  I was super happy to see that because that means I'm pretty much all the way back to where I was after my original Whole 30.  One week after my first Whole 30 I was down to 146.6 so I'm only one pound over my lowest from a few weeks ago.  That makes me feel good because last week I really overate and ate poorly.  I'm starting to feel better today too.  I don't have a headache, but I did take some Ibuprofen because my bones were hurting.  Probably from being so incredibly busy this week.  Cleaning the house, exercising, running errands, playing with kids, and generally being very active.  Much more active than usual, which I am sure helped expedite the deflating process.

Today was more low key than most days because Lily didn't feel like doing much.  We did need to run to Costco, and of course I realized later tonight that we are out of toilet paper, so I will need to get that pretty soon.  Maybe I will wait until we get back from our Florida Vacation, I think we can last until then.... I suppose I should double check, there is nothing worse than running out of toilet paper. 

I managed to keep pretty busy today.  I played my flute, and baked Matt his pumpkin pie.  I wonder if it will be any good.  He isn't home yet to try it so I don't know yet how it turned out.  I'm sure it is at the very least edible.  I got in a new cookbook today!  It's a new cookbook by Juli Bauer called "Juli Bauer's Paleo cookbook"  and she blogs at
I have been enjoying looking through it and it is very different from the other cookbook I got from nomnompaleo.  For instance there are a ton more recipes for breads, desserts, muffins and the type.  I was really surprised when I started looking at it.  Some of the stuff in the breakfast section I will never make for breakfast and I think should be in the dessert section like chocolate muffins.  But I suppose muffins are not quite cupcakes.  There are a lot of good looking recipes I want to try out and I am glad to have the sweeter recipes to help me on my way as I try to transition to healthier eating and get away from binging on regular cookies.  There are recipes for pancakes, ice cream, and even breakfast pizza!  I'm super excited to make some of the paleo tortillas and have breakfast burritos and fish tacos and fajitas!  All without the added junk that comes from store bought tortillas!  (Did you know I can keep store bought tortillas in my pantry for over two months and they still don't mold!?) Talk about your preservatives. 

After going through the book I am buying my immersion blender tonight on Amazon.  It pretty much seems to be a necessary product for cooking this way.  Making sauces, mayo, and blending soups is a breeze with that tool and after exploding hot curried broccoli soup all over my kitchen yesterday I'm pretty much over blending my soups. 

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