Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Next Phase

Today has squarely landed me in the next phase, if yesterday was the kill all the things phase, then today is the I just want to nap phase.  I was tired all day.  I felt like I had no energy at all.  I wanted to workout at home in the middle of the day today but that didn't happen.  I played my flute instead, which at least was productive.  And then I was really hungry in the afternoon.  I just wanted to keep eating and eating.  I think it was the Pho that messed me up.  This time around I'm allowing myself to eat rice and not worrying about sugar or soy in sauces and marinades when I eat out so Pho is okay.  Except it made me feel like crap.  Which I was pretty surprised about.  I feel incredibly boated and my stomach hurts right now and the Pho is the only thing I ate today that was off plan.  In fact everything else I ate today was leftovers.  Leftovers for breakfast and dinner, Pho for lunch.  So I know it was the Pho.  Ugh, that stinks because that is one of our family's favorite restaurants to go to for lunch.  I guess I will start having to push to go somewhere else or try to find something on the menu that doesn't make me feel so sick.  Basically they have noodle bowls and Pho.... I guess I could opt for the spring rolls on the appetizer menu? 

Lily was feeling better today, or at least acting exactly the opposite of yesterday.  If she was tired and lethargic yesterday she was hyper and spastic today.  By 6pm she had completely fallen apart.  She was complaining of her eyes hurting and her teeth hurting.  I gave her some medicine and put her to bed which she was none too happy about. 

Matt dove into the pumpkin pie tonight and said that it was really amazing.  I'm still not sure if he was over reacting for my benefit... Maybe it was to make me feel good so I will make him more pie in the future.  He said he wouldn't lie about something like pie because he wouldn't want to punish himself with bad pie in the future.  It made me laugh.  The kids each had a little slice before bed.  Lily was being her usual self and immediately said she didn't like it the moment she saw it (before even trying it.  We insisted she take one bite (although why we are encouraging her to eat sweets is beyond me... lets just say we are encouraging her to try new foods, that sounds much better).  She loved the pie and ate her whole slice.  She cracks me up sometimes.  She does that quite frequently where she makes a big fuss and then when she tries it she actually eats all of it.  I wonder if maybe she just likes the attention she gets or if she really is nervous to try new foods. 
Home made pie
I have to admit I tried a few bites.  Not a whole piece, just a smidge of what was leftover on the kids plates.  All that hard work to make pie and not even taste it?  Ridiculous.  And I never make pumpkin pie, let alone from a fresh pumpkin.  It was really good.  I liked the combination of spices.  I made the recipe from this website but I didn't make the sugared cranberries or the crust.  I made the crust from this website  because I didn't have to chill it overnight.  Only 30 minutes.  One thing I really want to make this season is a Pecan Pie.  I do love pie and I'm not sure why I never make it.  This is the first pie I've made in maybe two years, and that was a key lime pie and that was the first pie I had made in probably five years.  I guess I'm just more into eating cookie dough than pie filling.  There are some pretty awesome looking desserts in that new Paleo cookbook though that look scrumptious.  I will wait until after my mock whole 30 though.  Still trying to keep in tune with the spirit of the program and not eat pancakes and waffles for breakfast and not make paleo dessert yet. 

Here is my poor sick Lily yesterday passed out on the couch.

Here is my guacamole and bell peppers.  I made a big batch of guacamole with 3 1/2 avocados and Chloe ate most of it.  She had several bell peppers with it too.  That was her dinner.  At least it was healthy!

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