Wednesday, September 2, 2015

When you do what you are supposed to

I've noticed that there is a certain peace and happiness that comes when I am doing the things I am supposed to do.  When I am eating right, I feel good about myself, and I feel good inside.  I have been interacting more with the kids over the past few weeks and that makes me feel good too.  We have been doing story time where they listen to the Standin' Tall story book (I think I mentioned my project of getting all the cassette tapes into MP3 format) and we have been listening to the story books and dancing to the songs.  We have been doing Music Time where we do action songs and rhythm songs.  The kids are having a great time and so am I.  It is a challenge to keep everything orderly and I do need to spend more time preparing, but I can prepare once and use the same thing over and over again before the kids get tired of it and I will need to prepare something new.

I have felt better about myself over the past few weeks than I have for most of my life.  Every time I add something into my life that is meaningful I feel good about myself.  I am so happy to be playing my flute and I am happy to be interacting more with the kids.  We did preschool again yesterday and I'm planning on doing it again Friday.  Tomorrow I have to get my eyebrows waxed so I am going to be taking them to the Mall to go play.

I have been struggling with my sweet tooth the past few days.  Although I have managed to eat well I have eaten entirely too much fruit, so I am going to try and take the fruit eating down a little bit, but it is better to overeat fruit than to overeat desserts.