Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Pampered Chef Show

Today was a pretty busy day despite there only being two things on my schedule.  My mom called me up in the morning asking if I could go to the gym with her, I had given her a free day pass so she could check out my new gym. (it came with my new membership)  Of course this was the only Saturday of the month I actually had something scheduled in the morning.  I ate my favorite oatmeal breakfast: oatmeal with chocolate powder, PB2, chia seeds, and some brown sugar to sweeten it up.  I would love to ditch the extra sugar but I just can't.  Sometimes I use Date Sugar which has a lower glycemic index, but it's not as sweet so of course I don't like it as much.  Sometimes I will use honey or agave, those work good too but brown sugar just has the taste I really really like.  Anyway, Lily had to go to a church primary program practice this morning and she was really moody through the whole thing.  They are doing the yearly primary program during church tomorrow so they were practicing today.  I gave Lily and Chloe goldfish through the whole thing to keep them occupied.  We ended up leaving a little early, but I didn't feel bad since Lily just has to say the first article of faith with all the other 3-4 year olds at the beginning of the program and then she is done. "We believe in God the Eternal Father and in His son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost."  And that's it.  She has it down pretty good now!  As long as she doesn't get too moody tomorrow and eats something before church she should be fine.

Anyway, after that we came home, I made a quick lunch and booked it out to my Pampered Chef show that was an hour and 15 minutes away.  This was actually a host that I had two years ago while I was pregnant with Chloe and she hadn't seen me since.  When I walked up to the door she says "I thought you were someone else you have lost so much weight!  I was thinking "did Jenna send someone else and not tell me?"  That made me feel pretty good about myself!  I've seen this host several times since some of her friends had parties with me 2 years ago as well.  And she didn't even recognize me!  There was another person there who also hosted for me two years ago and she also commented saying "wow you have lost a lot of weight! That is amazing!"  It felt really good to get some compliments and to be reminded of how far I have come, especially because I feel like I have been drug through the trenches over the past few months and I had been feeling cruddy about gaining some weight back, and some more insensitive comments some people had mentioned to me. I am still working on it though and earlier this week I weighed in at 148 so I was happy to see that.  I have no idea what my weight will be tomorrow morning.  I would be happy if it was somewhere in the 148 range.  Two days ago we had Chinese food for lunch and I ordered the "Happy Family" which is seafood and stir fried, but I also had an egg roll and fried rice, so I am not sure how that will impact my weight.  I guess we will find out tomorrow. 

Lastly, I checked out a book about vegetables for Lily to read at the library hoping that she would get excited about eating some healthier food and when we got to the radishes I remembered that we had planted radishes at the beginning of the season, now that we are headed into winter we should probably pick them so Lily and I ran outside to pick our radishes.  Some of them looked nice, but most were kind of stringy.  Nothing really grows in that planter, it doesn't have very good soil.  All our zucchini and beans were in the other planter and they did really well.

When we were done with that Lily made a bridge out of all the books

I think she has inherited some of her father's OCD tendencies.  She likes things to be in order and likes things to be a certain way.   

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