Tuesday, November 26, 2013

An Unexpected Journey

The day started out pretty normal, although I did mix up our oatmeal this morning.  I made a pumpkin oatmeal that I found online, along with some poached eggs.  I didn't like the pumpkin oatmeal very much, I was pretty disappointed in it so there is no sense in passing along the recipe.  However, I did try for the first time: All Egg Whites brand of egg beaters.  Basically it is just egg whites and it is zero points plus!  It even beats egg beaters because they don't add any yellow dye into it, just plain egg whites and it was cheaper too!  That is a win-win.  Instead of poaching myself an egg (I did poach eggs for Matt, Lily, and Chloe) I poured the liquid egg whites into the poached egg cup and poached myself egg white egg cup!  It was awesome, and very good.  It didn't taste fake or funny, tasted just like egg whites.  So I would highly recommend the "All Egg Whites" Weight Watchers endorsed brand of egg whites.  I also added half a slice of Ezekiel Bread to give me a little more filler since Chloe ate a good portion of my oatmeal after eating all her eggs.  That girl could be her own weight management program I call it "My daughter ate all my food".

Anyway, the girls had a great time at the library this morning and the afternoon (about 12:00-noon) is when all the drama started.  I was in the kitchen working on the lap top and Lily and Chloe were watching Walle and playing in the living room.  Suddenly I hear a huge crash, and I run into the living room to find Lily under the table.  I picked her up and she started crying, she had hit her head very hard on the table.  The best I can figure, Lily was sitting or standing on the large bin that we have the train set in and what throwing the ball for Pippin (our dog) when she lost balance and fell off (most likely backwards) and hit the back of her head on the table.  She was crying very hard, but at first I thought she would be just fine, after all she has hit her head many a time before and been just fine.  After about 2 minutes of holding her I noticed that the back of her head was covered in blood and I decided right then and there we were going to the emergency room.  So I packed up the kids, called Matt and off I went.  Fortunately there were not very many people in the Emergency room at the time and we got in very quickly. I am sure that Lily also got bumped up the list since she is only 2 years old and had a bleeding head injury.

Lily of course, was being her normal difficult self- she hates going to the doctor and does not like anyone to touch her (she even throws a fit when they look in her ears, and when she has to stand on the scale to get weighed and measured, she is so dramatic).  Add a head injury into that and you have a recipe for disaster, and she definitely was not about to let anyone near her head.  Poor Lily, they had to wrap her up like a mummy, and then I was holding her and putting my weight on top of her, and then another nurse was holding her head to the side so they could clean the back of her head and give her the numbing shot.  We actually had about four people holding her down while she was getting her shot because it would be bad news if she moved her head while the needle was in there.  I felt so bad for her!  The poor girl.  She only needed one staple and after she was de-mumified she actually got better pretty quickly.  The numbing shot took care of the pain and we had her drink some apple juice and eat some Graham Crackers.  She didn't throw up or pass out, she wasn't disoriented or sluggish and so we skipped the CT scan which we don't want to do on our little ones unless absolutely necessary, the radiation is terrible for growing children.  Anyway, back home it was now 3pm, and Lily was rewarded with the promised Ice Cream:
That totally looks like a chocolate covered banana from this angle!  It is a Ice Cream Bar with Chocolate on top and caramel in the middle.

Chloe was a trouper through the whole ordeal, only getting fussy because she had yet to nap today.  I was feeling stressed, exhausted (my adrenaline had fled my system leaving my energy levels depleted), and hungry since I didn't eat lunch before we left.  Of course by that time it was 3:30 and Matt would be home in an hour and a half and I would be making dinner.  So I snacked on some veggies and hummus, and I even treated myself to a weight watchers 3 point chocolate ice cream bar.  I figured I deserved one too.

Dinner was great!  I made Quinoa by cooking it in chicken broth and adding some Pampered Chef Parmesan, Garlic seasoning and a tsp of olive oil.  It was very flavorful and since the Quinoa was being split in half, the oil doesn't add more than 1 point (it would be half a point but weight watchers doesn't do half points).  For the main dish I made Pasta Shells with Riocatta Cheese, Spinach, and Raisins.  It is a weight watchers recipe and apparently it is from Southern Italy.

Very Easy: Makes 4- 1 1/4 cup servings 8 points plus/serving
2 cups medium shells
1 tbsp olive oil
1 onion
1-10 oz pkg chopped spinach, thawed and drained
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 cup Part Skim Riocatta Cheese
1/4 cup Parmesan Cheese
1/4 cup raisins

Saute Onion in oil until soft (approx 8 minutes) Add Spinach and salt and heat through.  Boil shells according to pkg directions.  Add shells to onion and spinach mixture, add Riocatta Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, and raisins.  Stir until thoroughly mixed, immediately.

I thought it was a little bland so I mixed my Quinoa into it and that made it perfect!

Lily went to bed tonight on her stomach since it hurt too much to lie on her back.  Poor girl!  She seems to be doing just fine, and is acting like her normal self.  I think she is going to be ALRIGHT!

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