Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 3rd 2013 Weigh In

Today is my weigh in day and if you have been reading you know that I was hoping to actually weigh less than my husband today.  I continued to eat well all week and exercise, and my hard work continues to pay off!  I weighed in today at 161.6!  Scoring myself a 2.4 pound weight loss.  I seem to be in a groove and I am excited to have finally discovered how my body needs to eat.  Now that I am eating healthier the weight is just falling off.  I am hoping to be able to keep this rate up for the remainder of the year to reach my goal of 150 by the end of the year (with two weeks to spare if I lose 2 pounds a week). 

I definitely attribute my faster weight loss to the change in my eating habit, as I have been exercising all though out my weight loss journey and never has the weight come off this fast (with the exception of the first few weeks when the body sheds all the excess water weight).  Losing consistently has boosted my motivation and determination and I am excited to keep going and next week I plan on weighing in the 150s! 

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