Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Rehab

The past three days have been a whirlwind of food, family, and adventure.  I originally wanted to eat moderately on Thanksgiving day and stay within my allotted points for the week.  However, my resolve quickly went out the window early in the morning when I was making the artichoke dip.  I only make that dip once or twice a year, it is so addicting and terrible for you.  Even though I use low fat mayo, cream cheese, and sour cream, a small portion is going to be high in points.  However, as the smell of this delicious dip filled my house I knew I lost the battle.

At my parents house, my oldest daughter Lily immediately made a spectacle of herself.  She decided to pull the pickle tray off the table, for reasons unknown to me, causing it to smash into tiny pieces on my parent's tiled kitchen floor.  So that was an $80 Longaberger dish that went the way of all the earth in one fell swoop.  Lily was behaving so poorly that I couldn't even get her to apologize or give her Grandma hugs to say she was sorry.  A few minutes later I went to the back room to put her to sleep.  I stayed with her until she fell asleep and then as soon as I left, I had to put Chloe to sleep!  Afterwards I was so stressed out that all notions of eating moderately had fled my mind.  Needless to say, I stuffed myself to the brim and later that night I suffered the consequences.  I felt so sick the rest of the day and late into the night, vowing that when we went to my in-laws the next day I would only eat a normal sized dinner.

Matt and I weighed ourselves before going to bed and I gained 4 pounds and Matt gained 6.  So I guess he beat me on the amount of food he ate!

The next morning I only ate a yogurt for breakfast because I was still so full from yesterday!  In the morning I went to my mom's house again to work off our Thanksgiving splurge.  We rocked out to Zumba Core Wii for an hour, and it was HARD!  I didn't realize until then that what you eat really determines how much energy for exercise you have.  I didn't eat healthy at all, and it was very hard to do a high intensity workout.  I was also still sore from the strength training exercises that I did with my sister on Wednesday.

Then came Thanksgiving part 2 at my in-laws last night, and of course I didn't learn from my mistakes the first time around, and I way overate again!  I would like to claim that it wasn't my fault because they had a plethora of chips (my Achilles heel) available and the amazing sweet potato souffle, but really I just had no self control.... again.

So once again, I spent the evening in agony feeling very sick from eating so much food that is not very healthy.  Since I have been eating healthier, the high fat and greasy foods really make me sick to my stomach.

Today was a new day, and at 159 I only had one day to get back down to my previous weight of 156.5.  I don't know if I made it, I probably need a few more days of eating healthy before my body will drop back down to pre-thanksgiving, so I am hoping for at least 157 tomorrow.  I did not exercise today since I have already exercised three times this week.  I did go on two walks with the girls and made sure I had plenty of healthy veggies and a light dinner.  My only slip up is when I was really hungry right before I started cooking dinner and I ate one and a half biscuits (Chloe saved me from myself and spared me half a biscuit).

I am feeling optimistic and I am back on track!  I start my Herbal Life 4 week challenge on Monday (more to come on that on Monday) and I am very excited!

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