Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Working through Pain

This morning I am feeling much less achy from my fall on Sunday and I am getting antsy since I haven't exercised since Saturday.  I was able to formulate a Zumba workout that was low impact.  Zumba songs are labeled low, medium and high intensity and interestingly enough high intensity does not necessarily mean high impact.  Often the two go hand in hand and most of the songs I chose were medium intensity but I was able to get a few high intensity songs worked into my regime.  I modified some of the moves that were high impact like the jogging in place moves to something that wouldn't hurt so much.  I just have a lot of bruised tissue and when I move around a lot, or bounce around my tissues shake (as anyone carrying excess weight knows) and that causes more pain, so I tried to keep it lower intensity.  I was able to finish the whole hour, and I didn't sweat like I usually do but I figure it is better than nothing.

I have been doing a lot of reading up on food lately.  This thing that we cannot get away from.  We eat several times a day, every day year after year after year so I figure that I better learn how to do it right.  Matt is an oatmeal lover and he always eats oatmeal in the morning, even before I started to eat more oatmeal.  We used to eat instant oatmeal, until I switched us to eating old fashioned oats.  They are much healthier for you and they keep you fuller for much much longer than instant oatmeal.  There are a few drawbacks, the biggest one being that it takes much longer to cook.  But as long as you are not in a rush in the morning it works out just fine.  I realize I should have taken a picture of my oatmeal this morning as I cooked it differently and spiced it up in a new way.  We usually cook it in water, but if you cook it in almond milk it tastes much better.  However, if we both eat one cup of oatmeal (that is 1/2 cup each dried oats) it takes two cups of almond milk to cook it.  Each container of milk has 4 cups and I have 4 containers from Costco.  So that is two days per container giving us 8 days of oatmeal for $10 and that is just not something we can easily afford right now.  So we will have to stick with water for now.  But I found a really awesome blog post from the person who blogs at where she talks about how she cooks her oatmeal and what she adds into it.  Here is the link

It has really inspired me to branch out and start trying new add ins for my oatmeal despite the fact that we won't be able to cook it in almond milk. 

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