Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Jubillation

First off I have to admit that I utterly fail in my not weighing myself campaign.  I have weighed myself every day except Monday this week.  However, that might be a good thing since this week is Christmas week and I have not exactly been eating very healthy.  I have not gained any weight and that right there is an accomplishment.  I finished out my week of Zumba classes on Monday, and I had a great time but was pretty low on energy, which is interesting since I hadn't worked out since last Thursday, but maybe my body was still recovering.  Monday was just about my only good eating day this week.  Tuesday we went over to my Parent's house for Christmas Eve and my mom had done a lot of baking (all well and good for her since she is allergic to gluten so she just made a bunch of stuff with gluten in it so that way she gets to have fun baking but isn't tempted to eat any of it!  Me on the other hand.... I ate about half of it!)  It was very yummy, I love chocolate covered pretzels, sweet and salty is just about the most perfect combination.  Dinner was amazing as well, mashed potatoes with ham and peas.  We came home with extra mashed potatoes, not exactly what I need at this moment, but so good, and it will be a great side dish I don't have to make.

We opened presents with my parents that night and my Dad splurged on Lily and spoiled her rotten.  He bought her the doll house of her dreams!  Here she is opening it.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of her face when she realized the gigantic present was for her!  She was so excited.  She absolutely loves her doll house.

On Christmas morning I made Banana Quinoa Waffles for breakfast, just about my favorite waffles in the world.  They are pretty healthy since they are made with whole wheat, bananas and quinoa!  Of course once you take into account the syrup and the whipped cream......... well, go light on the syrup and the points plus value goes down.  I can get 12 waffles out of one batch and that makes each waffle 3 points plus each.  I don't have a picture, and I will post the recipe next time I make them.

We bought Lily a bike for Christmas (bike riding lessons post is coming soon) and she absolutely loved that and the red wagon too.  Here she is at the stockings, she had a blast opening her stocking, she was so excited.  It was a lot of fun this year seeing her reaction.  It is the first time we have had a kid who is old enough to really know what is going on and get into the mood.
Which Stocking is Mine?

Loving the pen and notebook (Dollar Isle! Cha Ching!)

Lily wearing her new necklace and bracelet
After we opened presents at our house, we headed up to Matt's parent's house where I ate two full plates of dinner.  Turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberries, green bean casserole, sweet potato soufle.  By the time I was done I was too full to eat dessert, so I guess something good came out of it.  Surprisingly I did not weigh any more the next day and I am staying at 152.3.  So that is the good news.

Today I just ate poorly.  I was craving all sorts of junk food and I gave into my cravings and I am now paying the price for it.  You would think I would eventually learn from the past and not feed myself junk food.  Everytime I do I get really sick, and tonight is no exception.  My stomach HURTS!  Hopefully I will not be up puking half the night.  *sigh* the lessons we learn.  Well, tomorrow I am picking up all the junk in the house and either tossing it or putting it away where I won't reach for it and grab it.  Tomorrow I am back on track, it only took me a sick stomach to hit reality.  Hopefully I am not up on the scale again tomorrow, but I did get a lot of exercise in today with the kids and we went to a Zumba Master Class tonight and I am beat! 

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