Saturday, December 21, 2013

New Clothes

This morning the scale hasn't budged.  I find myself wondering what I have been doing wrong, what I need to do better.  I have been thinking about it all morning and I can't find anything that I have been doing wrong.  I have been eating healthy and I have also been exercising regularly.  Unfortunately I do not have a scale that tells me my percentage of body fat so I can't determine if I have been decreasing in body fat.  I feel like I am struggling to get to 150, and maybe it is because I am gaining muscle since I have been doing more strength training exercises.  I won't know until I have my post challenge weigh in that will give me all the stats.  One and a half more weeks to go.  I have decided to go on a scale strike, I have gotten into a bad habit of weighing myself every morning.  So I am only going to weigh myself on Sunday and Wednesday from now on, which are my two weigh in days.  I get too depressed when I see the daily increase on the scale and then I want to go splurge because I think that nothing I am doing is working when in reality it has only been two days and maybe my body needs a few days to reset itself to a lower weight and if I just held out for the next day or so I would have seen a nice drop.  But really I am obsessing over it too much so I thought now would be a good time to reflect over how far I have come since I am so focused on how far I still have to go (about 30 pounds more to lose).  I am now 8 pounds away from my healthy weight range.

I started at 211

 and now I am down to 153.  That is 58 pounds gone!  58 pounds closer to my goal.  The holiday time is much harder to lose weight in because of all the extra goodies that are around.  If I take my weight right before thanksgiving of 156.2 and compare it to today's weigh in of 153.2, that is three pounds lost during the holiday season and in the past three weeks.  If I compare it to the lowest weight I saw on the scale this week of 151.9 that is just over four pounds lost in three weeks and during the holidays to boot!  Here is a picture of my new outfit I bought with the help of my good friend Casey.  I am standing on a step stool in the picture so you can see more of my pants haha.

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  1. I posted on your facebook wall, but I wanted to put it here too : YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!