Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Track Bites

First I have to start off by saying that I was sick again these past few days.  This has not been my year health wise.  I have been sick more times this year than in the past three years since I came home from South Korea.  Last night was not friendly to me so lets just say that I will not be staying up until midnight tonight as there were a few times that I didn't think I was going to make it through the day without falling asleep.  On a positive note, Chloe is officially done nursing in the middle of the night!  It took me a week to get her off of her midnight (actually more like 2am) feeding but I did.  Wahoo!  That is a happy place.  She is waking up earlier now (around 6:30 instead of 7:00) but I will take that over waking up at 2am every night any day.  So after almost a whole year of interrupted sleep, things are finally starting to look up.

I am not sure if I mentioned yet, but I canceled my weight watchers account.  I felt like I knew the program well enough to follow it without the tools and I found a site online that calculates weight watchers points for you.  However, while browsing the apple app store today, I ran across a really neat app that is called I Track Bites.  Basically it is Weight Watchers Online, but at full price it is only $6!  And I bought it for half off!  That is super awesome since Weight Watchers Online is $18/month every month.  I couldn't believe it.  Basically it calculates how many "bites" (points plus) you get per day based off of your gender, age, and weight.  Then it has all the tools as e-tools does for weight watchers online.  However, their "Pocket Guide" (food bank if you will) does not have as many foods in it as Weight Watchers does.  I haven't found this to be an issue since I just calculate the points for the food I want and then save it.  They also have a favorites folder which is alphabetized and easy to access and find foods from (unlike the favorites folder in Weight Watchers which I found I couldn't find anything in there).  It even has a little bubble in the upper right hand corner of the app on your home screen to tell you how many bites/points you have left in the day.  I love it!  Weight Watchers tools for practically free!  If you are accustomed to the Weight watchers system this is definitely worth checking into.  They even have filling foods.
This is my new favorite app!  Super excited to use this for the remainder of my weight loss (they even give you the fun weight loss stickers as weight watchers online does). 

On a different note, I got a new phone today!  I upgraded to the new Iphone 5S and I am so glad that I was able to upgrade!  This phone works so much better than my Iphone 4.  I was so upset with the performance of the Iphone 4 after IOS7 came out that I was thinking of switching.  I almost went with the new Nokia Lumina 1020 with the super awesome camera, but Windows doesn't have many of the apps that I use like Sworkit, Square registrar, The Pampered Chef app, Amazon Cloud Player, and of course my new favorite app: I track bites.  So I was then thinking of getting an android but after hearing about how the performance varies from phone to phone I just went with apple trusting that the newest model would have solved my slow phone problem.  And it did!  I am also excited for Siri and Voice to Text, features that were not on my old model.  And just for fun here is the first picture I took with my new phone:
Chloe is almost walking!!!!


  1. Sorry you are sick! Cool for your new phone! Have you checked out myfitnesspal app? I like that 1. it's free and 2. I can have friends on it with me :) Good luck with new year!

  2. Yes I have used My Fitness Pal quite extensively, but I find that I don't like to track calories. I like how the values of foods are easy to remember with points and that veggies and fruits are free. It also might have something to do with the fact that I've been tracking my food with points for a year now and so it is hard for me to switch to counting calories. But yes, I love that my fitness pal is free and that you can have friends on it too! I do recommend it to everyone! (I talk about it in my getting started tips-food tracker post here: http://modestlyslim.blogspot.com/2013/11/getting-started-tips-food-tracker.html )