Friday, December 20, 2013


You may be wondering why I have not posted at all this week.  I have been incredibly busy this week and I like to make my posts in the evening, however this week has been a little different.  Several months ago I found a dance studio that offers Zumba classes on a pay as you go basis.  I bought a 10 class pass which expired in 6 months.  In that amount of time (6 months) I only managed to find 5 days that I could go to Zumba class.  I thought I had until the end of this month to use them but as I went to sign up for classes on Monday I realized that I only had until the 24th!  So I had to sign up for class every night in order to use all 5 of my remaining classes before they expired.  So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I went to Zumba class and I was so exhausted afterwards that I had no energy for blogging and went right to bed.  On top of that Robert came down to do strength training with me and my neighbor Charlee on Wednesday.  So I ended up working out twice that day!  So 5 exercises in 4 days, and I am exhausted and sore and angry at my scale.  I need to go on a scale strike where I don't weigh myself.  I know I have been doing really well this week, and I have gotten in a ton of exercise, however my weight stubbornly stays at 153.4.  I am really upset because yesterday I was at 151.9 and today I am back at 153.4.  I know that it is probably because I am building muscle, or it could be water retention, or because I need to use the bathroom, or any various other reasons, but I have been so obsessed with reaching my goal of 150 that I am stressed over it and the numbers on the scale.  Which I know is stupid, but I am only human and I do it anyway.

Yesterday I was able to have a really fun day with my friend Casey and we went to Charming Charlie's and then to a store called Down East and she helped me with my bad sense of fashion.  I am slowly learning how to better dress myself and what to wear and when and what goes together.  It is a lot to learn especially for someone who has been so ignorant of this topic for so long.  I will have to post some photos of my new clothes once I reach 150.... so very close.  I will weigh in again Sunday for my official weigh in.
Happy Holidays

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